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VIDEO: World’s Least Excitable Redneck Captures North Carolina Tornado

Posted on | April 18, 2011 | 10 Comments

Listen to him talking to his wife on the phone: “Oh, half a mile. . . . I’d say it’s coming straight towards me.” And he never sounds even remotely excited about it, much less scared:

It is reported that the man with the camera, Steven Hoag, explained his eerie calm thus: “I was a Marine and I love Jesus.”

Via Tabitha Hale, Mary Katharine Ham and John Noonan on Twitter. In response to the video, Noonan says, “God I love the South.”

I’m reminded of the story of a Tennessee soldier in Archer’s Brigade at Gettysburg. As they lay in the woods awaiting the orders to send them forward in the assault that would become known as Pickett’s Charge, the men watched as a rabbit — evidently frightened by the artillery barrage — took off running across the battlefield. The Tennessean laconically remarked: “Go on and run, rabbit. If I was a rabbit, I’d run, too.”


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