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Arianna Huffington Offers Exciting New Opportunities for You to Blog for Free!

Posted on | May 5, 2011 | 28 Comments

She should call it

Today we launch a great new chapter for, AOL’s national network of hyperlocal sites currently covering community life in over 800 towns across America. . . .
Patch will provide an unprecedented infrastructure for citizen engagement in time for the 2012 presidential election, with a focus on community and local solutions. . . . As is the case on HuffPost, Patch bloggers will be free to post their views on a range of subjects — from politics to entertainment to local issues. These features will allow Patch readers to instantly put a finger on the pulse of their community.

So Arianna, who collected a sweet $18 million payoff, then stiffed her HuffPo contributors, now wants bloggers to contribute “hyperlocal” coverage for free.

AOL “pumped $40 million into [The] in the first quarter of 2011 . . . on top of the $75 million AOL put into the venture last year,” and now they’re trying to “recruit 400 to 800 new bloggers in 10 days.”

Are there really that many stupid people in the world?

See also: “How to Lose $10 Million on a Startup Web Site in Three Months.” It’s amazing that with all these people slinging around millions of dollars for Web sites, none of that cash ever comes my way.


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