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The End-Game of Kellerism

Posted on | May 8, 2011 | 8 Comments

In late March, I unloaded on New York Times editor Bill Keller, who has presided over the disastrous decline of his newspaper, but who fails to acknowledge any responsibility for the catastrophe he has done so much to bring about.

Today, Keller’s column and a column by NYT ombudsman Arthur Brisbane get picked apart by Felix Salmon:

Just like Brisbane, Keller makes sure that every single link in his column is an internal one, to some other NYT web page — I count 26 different links between the two columns, which implies that in the eyes of the New York Times, the 26 most important online resources to link to when writing those columns are all NYT stories or pages. It’s as arrogant as it is hermetic.

Via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit, who has more. In an information environment characterized by connectivity and collaboration, those who pretend that they owe no obligation to others — who refuse to give credit where credit is due — will inevitably suffer for that pretense when the truth becomes known.


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