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LIVE AT FIVE – 05.11.11

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Flooded Mississippi Taking Aim At Delta

Inmates help load sandbags onto a truck in Louisiana

River likely to devastate poorest part of country with record-high floodwaters

Obama’s Immigration Speech Offers Nothing New
“Big policy speech” offers no new proposals, no new legislation, and no idea how he’s going to win over a hostile Republican majority in the House

Syrian Army Shells Homs, Arrests Dozens
Hama rules, 2011 edition

Romney To Make High-stakes Speech On Health

Mitt Romney at the crossroads

Will speech reverse RomneyCare curse, or doom his campaign?

Speaker Boehner Likes Christie As Presidential Candidate, If Reluctant Governor Decides To Run

Benton Harbor’s Woes A Sign Of Tough Choices To Come

Presbyterian Church Votes To Allow Gay Ordination

Senate Democrats Go After Oil Company Tax Credits

Federal Judge Blocks Utah Immigration Law

Navy Reverses Course On Gay Marriage

PRC Inflation Eases Off 32-Month High
Toyota 4Q Profit Tumbles On Quake, Strong Yen
Euro Clings To Gains But Obstacles Lurk
Google Sets Aside $500 Million For Ad Probe
Gold Edges Up, Silver Rises
Apple Defends IPhone “Hot Spot” Logging
Google Announces New Tablet OS Updates, Music & Movie Services

Boozer Gets Physical For Bulls

Bulls forward Carlos Boozer lets out a scream

Power forward’s double technical spurs Chicago to Game 5 victory, 95-83

Davis Injured In Mets’ Win Over Rockies

Selig Defends Sale Of Dodgers To McCourt

McLane Still Negotiating Sale Of Astros

Bruins Need To Bottle Up Lightning

Sharks Have One Last Chance Not To Choke

Glendale Ponies Up $25 Million To NHL To Keep Coyotes

Schwarzenegger/Shriver Split A Long Time Coming?

The Governator and Maria

Shriver allegedly disturbed by Schwartzenegger’s ego, his plans to return to films

Rachel Weisz’ Decision: Oz or Bourne?

Whitney Houston’s Prince Privileges Revoked

Rapper Common’s White House Performance Draws Criticism

Sarah Ferguson: Royal Wedding Snub Was “Difficult”

Woody Harrelson Gets Prime Role In “The Hunger Games”

Kirstie Alley Dieting Too Much While Dancing?

Ethan Hawke Joins “Total Recall” Remake

Kerry Heads To Pakistan To Soothe Anger Over Raid
Japanese Government To Get Involved In TEPCO Management
Egypt Tries To Remove Mubarak’s Name
Pakistan Hints PRC May Get Peek At Stealth Chopper Wreckage
Report Links Ecuador’s President With Columbian Guerrillas

Allahpundit: Killing Bin Laden Good Reason To Re-Elect Me, Obama Says
Blackfive: Obama The Gutsy
Don Surber: Unpresidential
Jim DeMint: Speeches And Summits Won’t Secure The Border
Weasel Zippers: Senate Democrats To Reintroduce Stealth Amnesty DREAM Act
AmSpecBlog: Fake Trump Bubble Collapses
Cubachi: Gov. Haley, Senator DeMint Demand Answers On Boeing Ruling
Lonely Conservative: Media Matters’ Boehlert Was Fro Freaking Out Over Violent Rap Artists Before He Was Against It
Ramesh Ponnuru: Obamacare And GM In Court
Verum Serum: Media Buzzards Offer Up Another Palin Post-Mortem
Small Dead Animals: Election 2011 – Look What Preston [Manning] Started (Video)

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