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My Kids: Smart and Good-Looking

Posted on | May 23, 2011 | 10 Comments

Hey, these things are hereditary, right? Friday, my son Jim graduated from high school and Saturday, my daughter Kennedy graduated from college. I thought readers might want to see a few photos of these young scholars and their siblings.

Mrs. Other McCain and I with our new-minted high-school graduate, Jim.

Jim, 18, with his diploma.

With our new-minted summa cum laude college graduate, Kennedy.

The entire McCain family, including our son-in-law. Notice 10-year-old Emerson’s blonde mohawk haircut standing up. Also, 12-year-old Jefferson is wearing sunglasses, because he’s cool like that.

Kennedy with her husband, Martin. No word yet on grandchildren.

Kennedy and her childhood best friend Megan, whose father is my best friend from down home.

Jefferson, 12 and redheaded. “Everybody loves the ginger,” he says.

Emerson, 10, with his mohawk in casual mode.

Reagan, 8, is going to get some more teeth soon. And you should hit the tip jar soon.


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