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Rule 5 Sunday: Shotgun Girl

Posted on | May 23, 2011 | 7 Comments

Whatever else happens as we wend our way through this vale of tears, beset on every side by the snares of the wicked and numerologically challenged false prophets who wouldn’t know the Kabbalah
from the Peoples’ Cube, we may rest assured of one thing: Soylent Green delivers the important news we need, especially when the news we need is Rule 5 news. A lesser blogger would have merely nodded and smiled at the trailer for John Carter of Mars while waiting for On Stranger Tides to start, but it was Soylent who brought us the Dejah Thoris/Lynn Collins hotness. A grateful nation adjusts its belts in your honor, sir!

Not resting on his, er, laurels, Soylent also brought us Humpday Caliente, Rule 5 news from the NHL playoffs, a “Hee Haw” reminiscence (sort of), Corset Friday, something about the end of the world, some piratical underboob action, and finally some poolside blondeness. Having personally inspected all of these links, I can assure you that they are, almost without exception, NSFW.

POH Diaries has some shots of Kate Upton in a bikini…lingerie…whatever. We link, you decide. Also, Bar Rafaeli! Speaking of bikinis, how about Elisabetta Canalis? The Rio Norte Line offers a fine selection of pix, some NSFW. Eye of Polyphemus settles on Minka Kelly this week, while A View From The Beach goes for the SF sweetness with Morena Baccarin. Randy’s Roundtable brings us Miss Missouri, Candice Crawford, and Kristin Cavallari. At WyBlog, Patricia Heaton may not be feeling the love from Hollyweird, but we definitely appreciate her!

Over at Maggie’s Notebook, there’s an extended look at former Obama supporter and current Mitt Romney fan Cindy Crawford. Reaganite Republican Resistance seems unclear on Rule 5, so I’m going to pimp his Michelle Bachman post instead as being more in the spirit of the thing.
Proof Positive’s Vintage Babe this week is Veronica Lake, with Lisa Edelstein and an extra helping of Ms. Edelstein with a side order of Sela Ward.

Three Beers Later verges on the creepy with not just one , but two Newt Gingrich Rule 5 posts, but redeems himself by noting the passing of Playboy cartoonist Erich Sokol, and bringing us a Denise Milani video.

Mr. Hill at Dustbury wishes to inform you that Aisha Tyler can kick your ass at HALO, among her other virtues; Rene Russo, on the other hand, may not be so great at HALO, but makes a great fertility goddess. Postaldog goes the extra mile to collect a selection of Playboy pix that are actually SFW. (I’m actually old enough to remember when they all were, by today’s standards.) Troglopundit satisfies your Rule 5 and news summary requirements with this week’s automotivators. That Mr. G Guy goes vintage this week with some classic pinup art. Speaking of pinups who can sing, Fishersville Mike links the Jane Dear Girls. The site has the video for “Wildflower” up, but I think I like “Shotgun Girl” better; to each their own.

The Camp of the Saints starts the week’s Rule 5 festivities with Sunny Leone, continues with Rule 5 News (Rashida Jones leads off), Bea Flora, Vicki McCarty, and finally some highbrow culture all up in our Rule 5 (NTTAWWT): some opera babes and opera guys doing Wagner.

DaleyGator brings this week’s roundup to a close with Yuu Tejima, Mandy Moore, Aleida Nunez, Leighton Meester, a shoutout to the ultra-classy Angelina Jolie, Daniella Sarahyba, and last but not least, Asian Beauty Friday.

Thanks to all for their Rule 5 linkagery! To be included in the Memorial Day Weekend Rule 5 Roundup, send your links to Rule 5 Wombat by May 28. Thanks again, and have a great week!


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