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Rule 5 Sunday: Power Hour

Posted on | May 29, 2011 | 4 Comments

Soylent Green begins the (NSFW) week by upping the ante and doubling our pleasure with double the Monday Motivationators, follows up with some Argentine tool time, something cool to quench your thirst on Thursday, some Natalya Vodyanova on Friday, Sabado Snoochitas, and some tactical motivation for this Monday. “Go! Drink! Grill! Watch Sports!” he says. Since the Phillies are coming to town tomorrow, I think I’ll avert my eyes and go swimming instead. 🙁

Eye Of Polyphemus settles on Kristin Cavallari this week, Fishersville Mike nominates Arantxa Rus as the bloggers’ favorite in the French Open, but the POH Diaries is holding out for Maria Sharapova. Constitutional Crusader crosses the Meggie Mac/Rule 5 streams, and the Rio Norte Line offers a portfolio of beauties from Joss Whedon’s various shows. Mmmm, Eliza Dushku. Proof Positive feeds our heroine addiction a little more with Olga Kurylenko before going vintage with Christie Brinkley and helping spread the word about the natural awesomeness of Christina Hendricks.
Over at Randy’s Roundtable, it’s Tamara Witner and Eva Longoria, while At The Point Of A Gun reminds us that pretty girls get things for free.

Little Miss Attila climbs on the Rule 5 train this week with Kelly Hu, and is joined by Dustbury who offers Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Tamera Mellon, who is all about the Choos. Three Beers Later returns after a week off to bring us some early Juliana Moreira.

Meanwhile, at the Camp of the Saints, there’s Nell McAndrew, Lorrie Menconi, Christina Hendricks, and THE Rule 5 News.

This week’s DaleyBabes from the DaleyGator include Ashley Gellar, Taylor Cole, Shakira, Serinda Swan, Daniela Ruah, Rachelle Leah, Mickie James, and, of course, Christina Hendricks.

Thanks to all for their Rule 5 linkagery! To be included in next week’s roundup, send your links to Rule 5 Wombat by June 4.


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