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The AOSHQ Legal Department: Now Offering Advice to Victims of ‘Pranks’

Posted on | May 31, 2011 | 37 Comments

Today, my American Spectator column on WeinerGate gave me a chance to use the phrase “concupiscent arousal.”

Twenty-five years in the news business, and this is the first time I’ve ever had that opportunity, for which I’d like to express my gratitude to @RepWeiner.

Was it good for you, too?

My column also gave me an opportunity to use the phrase “the award-winning Ace of Spades HQ,” which really needs to be used more often, because Ace is indeed an award winner, having been honored in 2007 as Best Conservative Blog, as well as CPAC Blogger of the Year in . . .

Was it 2008? I can’t remember. CPAC is always such a blur.

Anyway, when I grow up, I want to be Ace of Spades. That guy’s got funny like Rosie O’Donnell’s got double chins.

Ace is also a brilliant legal mind. No kidding: The dude’s got a law degree from an actual university, which I can’t name for fear of being sued by their alumni association.

You will recall that Weiner lawyered up yesterday, but evidently he didn’t hire Ace to represent him. The putz schmuck congressman is obviously getting some very bad legal advice, or else he never would have said he doesn’t want to treat this “distraction” — i.e., the criminal hijacking of his online identity — as anything more than a “prank.”

Prank? Prank?

So Ace of Spades donned his professorial robes to deliver a seminar for “prank” victim Anthony Weiner.

Go read that now. It’s excellent.

And I was happy to see a guest appearance by a certain Dateline NBC correspondent. You can ask Ace who suggested that one. After all these years of stealing his jokes, it was nice to give something back.

Oh, wait — almost forgot: Follow Ace on Twitter, because he’s been slamming it lately.


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