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Facebook Disrespects the Unborn

Posted on | June 5, 2011 | 16 Comments

by Unborn Son of Smitty, via (Drudge)

Yeah, FaceBook is private property. Understood, pages for the unborn could have unforseen legal consequences with minors. Sure, if we want to criticize, we should get our own blog.
Oh, wait: I have that enlightened opportunity! FaceBook, you suck the grand wazoo! People who want to celebrate life will have to do it elsewhere. If the girl could have leveraged some state-approved racist language, would that have helped? What if she denounced Sarah Palin?
You might say I should focus on, you know, getting born and enjoying life, rather than fretting politics and FaceBook.
If only the decisions of the politicians and web weenies had a similar disinterest in my life.


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