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LIVE AT FIVE – 06.08.11

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Fresh Explosions Shake Qadhafi’s Residential District

Libyan paints a caricature of Col. Khadafy

Dictator remains defiant after sixty air strikes pound Tripoli, vows to fight to the death

Weiner Moves To Make Amends Amid Calls To Resign
Local Democrats already considering primary candidates to unseat tactless Tweeting twerp

Yemen President Saleh’s Injuries Worse Than Initially Thought
Seriously burned and may be bleeding inside his skull

Pawlenty Lays Down Growth Marker

Proposes plan for 5% GDP growth over next ten years

Calls for overhaul of tax code, slashing corporate tax rate, balanced budget amendment

California Moves To Reduce Inmate Population

Wisconsin GOP Moves Quickly As Recall Threat Looms

Catholic Charities Sue Illinois Over Foster Care Rules

Senate Set To Vote On Swipe-Fee Caps

LA City Council Votes To Support Withdrawal From Secure Communities Program

Bernanke Sees Stronger Economic Growth In Second Half Of 2011 (Video)
Nintendo Unveils Touch-Screen Wii U
Obama Presses EU, Promises Help For Greece
Ford Accelerates Dramatic Global Growth
Music Labels Jump The Shark
Enterprises Not Ready For IPv6
Facebook, Microsoft, RIM Support AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Pryor Signings Netted Thousands

Terrell Pryor and Coach Jim Tressel celebrate after winning the Rose Bowl

Skips senior year at OSU after being suspended for five games; accused of making $40,000 from autographs

Injuries Keep Woods Out Of US Open
Unsurprisingly, groin pull not an issue

Stanley Cup Series Over For Horton, Rome

Dodgers Rookie De La Rosa Wins Debut Against Oswalt, Phillies

Red Sox Strike Early, Improve To 6-1 Vs. Yanks

White Sox Blast Mariners, King Felix 5-1

Emma Watson: Why I Really Left Brown

More proof that the Ivies are breeding spineless eunuchs: nobody attempted to date Emma Watson.

Actress was seeking normal, but it wasn’t at Brown

Blake & Leo Go To Disneyland

Dakota Fanning Graduates From High School

“Celebrity Rehab” Season 5 Cast Announced

Kate & Wills Looking To Hire Help For Kensington Palace

Nic Cage’s Son Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation

“Lost” Creator To January Jones: You Suck At Acting!

Karina Smirnoff Sets A Wedding Date

Flavor Flav Spent $5.7 Million On Drugs In Just Six Years

Maher Al-Assad: Little Brother, The Enforcer
Japan Raises Spectre Of Fukushima Melt-through
Germany Optimistic E. Coli Outbreak Has Peaked
Obama, Merkel Pledge To Cooperate On Libya, Global Economy
Gunmen Shoot Protesters At Palestinian Camp In Libya
Death Toll Rises To 23 As Heavy Rains Lash Haiti

Riehl World View: Thatcher’s Toadies Should Get Over Themselves

C4P: Democrat Congressman Upset That Park Service Did Its Job, Gave Palin a Tour
Don Surber: Proving The Case
AmSpecBlog: Pawlenty, Tax Cuts, And Tax Increases
David Skeel: The Real Cost Of The Auto Bailouts
Moe Lane: The Infamous, Updated Romer-Bernstein Chart
The Jawa Report: Love 4 Sale
Allahpundit: “Patriotic Millionaires” To Congress – Hurry Up And Tax Us Already, Please
Moonbattery: Comrade Obama No Longer Cool With Young Voters

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