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Necessary But Not Sufficient

Posted on | July 2, 2011 | 6 Comments

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

I don’t disagree with the mighty Scott Ott’s practical approach to a deficit deal, insofar as reality affects the thinking of the current POTUS, which is somewhere around ‘not at all’. Framing the discussion in terms of increasing revenue is both valid, and in keeping with Ott’s gentle humor.

Past the friendly cajoling, though, there is this: you have to tell me what we’re doing to re-constrain the federal government to its enumerated powers, or you haven’t told me much.

Restated, the outcome of our current series of Constituiontal crises is that we are either returning to the existing Constitution, as amended, and with respect to technological improvements like the Air Force that fall within the spirit of the document, or we just need to scuttle the flipping document entirely, and embrace the European suck.

There is some room for moderation, where something akin to Ryan’s plan may be more politically attainable, for the decades it will take for the Progressive-era herd to die off (sorry, mom & dad), but we have to cut the nonsense on the false EUtopia pushed by the Progressives. If it’s not a bridge to a Federalist, properly Constitutional, limited government, then any transition plan or compromise is an invitation to continued Progressdecay.

Stick to your guns, Boehner.


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