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LIVE AT FIVE – 07.13.11

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

President To Host Debt Talks This Afternoon After Threatening Retirees, Poor; Republicans Repeat Refusal To Raise Taxes

Not much room left to grandstand

McConnell proposes increase in debt limit if President makes cuts; TEA Party faction unenthusiastic
GOP says debt “crisis” is Obama’s problem (Video)

Senator Rockefeller Goes Fishing
Calls for investigation into whether News Corp. journalists in US have hacked phones

Irish Bonds Downgraded To Junk Status
Gold, Treasuries rise on continuing worries about the Eurozone’s future

Fast Track To Lightbulb Freedom Fails

Michele Bachman's bill to legalize incandescents fails

Bachmann’s bill gets majority, 233-193, but fails to get 2/3 margin needed for fast-track no-debate passage; GOP vows to get bill through

Romney Keeps Low Profile Amid Nastiness On Debt Ceiling

Democrats Win Primary Victories In Wisconsin Recall Elections

NJ Senate Democrats Fail To Repeal Christie Cuts; Cuts In Transitional Aid Imperil Debt Ratings For Six Cities

Gay Marriage Paradox: As More States Legalize, Increasing Numbers Of Gay Couples Are Saying “I Don’t”

Netflix Deprecates Discs: Streaming & Disc Plan Gets 60% Price Hike
Italy’s Debt Crisis Rattles Foreign Markets
Crude Oil Futures Mixed In Asia Trading; Traders Remain Cautious Ahead Of US Inventory Reports
PRC Economy Slows In Second Quarter
“Golden Years” Take On New Meaning As Americans Expect To Work Longer
Shell Optimistic About Alaska Drilling As Administration Moves To Fix Broken Permit Process
Electronic Arts Buys PopCap Games
Google+ Hits 10 Million Users
HP Unveils 4G TouchPad From AT&T
HTC Status “Facebook Phone” Coming July 17

National League Overpowers Junior Circuit For Second Straight All-Star Game Win

AL's Jose Bautista thrown out at home in the top of the fourth

NL played to win; AL not so much, result is 5-1 victory for Senior Circuit and another year of home-field advantage in the World Series
Nationals’ Clippard vultures the win

Rafael Furcal Is Worth One Kitchen and A Swimming Pool, And Other McCourt-Divorce Grotesqueries

Brewers Acquire K-Rod From Mets

Only World Cup Will Do For US Women After Big Win Over Brazil

Timbermutts End Torture, Fire Coach Rambis (Video)

NBA Agrees To Return Players’ Escrow Money

…And She’s Funny, Too

Coming soon to a Marine Ball near you

Mila Kunis: The GQ&A

Sherwood Schwartz Dead At 94
Created “Brady Bunch”, “Gilligan’s Island”

Paparazzi Cuffed By Cops For Pursuit Of Paris Jackson

Nicki Minaj Attacked In Hotel Fight?

“Hawaii 5-0” Adds New Member And Love Interest

Brad Pitt Talks Baseball In Cancun

Bree Olson Dishes On Life With Charlie Sheen

Robber Who Broke Into Hair Salon Beaten, Enslaved By Owner

Emma Watson Talks About Daniel Radcliffe’s Drinking Problem

Lindsay Lohan Brings The Vice To Miami

MTV Cracks Down On “Jersey Shore” Deserters

Is This The End For “Desperate Housewives”?
We can only hope.

President Karzai Buries Slain Brother In Kandahar (Video)
Parliament Unites, Urges Murdoch To Drop BSkyB Bid
Gaddafi Running Out Of Oil, Money
Egypt’s Army Toughens Stance
Second Day Of Rioting In Ulster As Marching Season Proceeds

Allahpundit: McConnell’s Backup Plan A Clever Maneuver…
Erick Erickson: …Or A Vile Betrayal?
PJ Tatler: Esquire Develops Serious, Possibly Fatal Man-Crush On Obama
Lonely Conservative: Ed Koch Urges Weiner’s District to Send A Message To Obama On Israel – Elect A Republican
Israel Matzav: Only 43% Of Jews Plan to Vote For Obama, 34% In Florida
Gateway Pundit: SEIU Thugs Found Not Guilty In Gladney Beating
Republican Redefined: IRS Goes After Fan Who Caught Jeter’s 3000th Hit
Proof Positive: Ron Paul Goes All In For 2012, Won’t Seek Reelection To House

Friday the 13th falls on a Wednesday this month. Y’all be careful out there, okay?


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