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‘All This Is About Who Gets the Blame.’

Posted on | July 14, 2011 | 20 Comments

by Smitty

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News All-Stars, in the context of the debt ceiling fracas:

On whether House Republicans have enough power to force a politically successful outcome:
I think what we’re losing sight of here is in the end, all this is about who gets the blame. It’s like with Gingrich and Clinton. . . . Gingrich attempted to govern when the Republicans had [control of] two houses of Congress in the absence of the presidency and were defeated. And now the idea is that Republicans are going to govern and impose all the cuts holding only the House? It’s impossible.
And if they lose the battle here — the public relations battle — it can be like ‘96 all over again. They’re going to lose the presidency. If they want real change, they’re going to have to elect a Republican.

This is the part where the blogs are standing athwart history yelling “POST!”

We have got to post blog article after article screaming that the debt crisis is not about whether the Democrat or Republican deck chair arrangement is inferior on our economic Titanic, but rather that the ship has been on a statist course for far too long.

Krauthammer’s realpolitik point certainly captures the Ruling Class vantage point accurately. But the blame game, itself, is mere distraction.


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