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To the Reader Who Bought the THD Electronics 30-Watt Rack Mount Amp

Posted on | July 17, 2011 | 9 Comments

Dude, thanks! I checked the Amazon Associates report and was stunned to find that someone had ordered a $1,625 guitar amp, thereby earning me a $65 commission. Once again, I’m amazed to earn a commission on a product I never even knew Amazon sold.

And since we’re talking musical instruments, how about . . .

Gretsch Chet Atkins “Country Gentleman” Guitar — The same model that George Harrison made famous with the Beatles, a real bargain at only $2,450!

Hofner CT Series Bass Guitar — Left-handed, just like the one that Paul McCartney used to play, a steal at $769!

Marshall 100-Watt 4-Channel All-Tube 2×12 Guitar Amp — Man, my ears are ringing just thinking about the awesome power you’ll crank out of this classic amp, all for the low, low price of $2,599!

You see I’ve come to a realization: If readers want to buy high-end musical equipment online, why shouldn’t they shop via my Amazon Associates links, so I get a 4% taste of the action? And then, when these readers become world-famous rock stars with platinum albums, Grammy Awards and sold-out concert tours, of course they’ll have glamorous groupies who will want diamond rings, pearl necklaces and mink coats — and they can buy all that here, too!

While I haven’t yet been able to find sex and drugs on Amazon, otherwise we’ve got you hooked up for the rock-and-roll lifestyle.

Maybe you’re not into that flashy upscale glitter scene, but that’s OK, because here’s the little secret: It doesn’t matter what you buy. Just click the links, search around through Amazon’s amazing selection and anything you buy during a visit to Amazon via one of the links at this blog will pay me a 4% commission.

So far I haven’t earned enough commissions to be shopping for a 7-carat diamond ring — only $118,195.37! — but once word gets around among big-time rock stars that The Other McCain is their one-stop source to buy bling for their groupies, I’m sure the money will come rolling in.


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