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Ho Ho, It Is To Laugh: The James O’Keefe ‘IRA’ Medicaid Exploit

Posted on | July 21, 2011 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

If you’ve ever seen Inglorious Basterds, one scene in a bar hinges on how a German would order three shots o’ hooch. Hint: if you’re Basterd posing as a Kraut, you’d better remember that the thumb is one, the index finger the second, and the middle finger is the third. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff.
Which brings us to the latest O’Keefe exposé, targeting Medicaid. Who would have thunk it, after ACORN &c: a government official so intent on avoiding due diligence that the official comes off as just a bit shady?

The Medicaid case worker tells the reporter, who is identified as “Sean Murphy” that “his business is his business. She does not probe into the nature of his work. One of the Medicaid workers helps Murphy fill out a form and lists an injury as “shot offshore.”

Why was I laughing when I saw the still image within the video box over at Gateway Pundit?

Well, even without hearing the outlandish accent, those who know their Celtic wear will tell you that O’Keefe is sporting a Scottish kilt, not an Irish one. Can I get a Gaelic three count from you here, Mr. O’Keefe? Wikipedia has a nice shot of some Irishmen in saffron kilts, and I’ll quote Irish Thunder, emphasis mine:

The evidence is now conclusive that every Irish clan family had its own distinctive kilt colour. Unlike the Scots with their different coloured family tartans, Irish families had a preference for one-colour kilts, and I have collected the authentic colours of 200 Irish clan family kilts and coats of arms. And still the search goes on for the remainder, though I doubt if there are many more.

Anyway, props to the O’Keefe for his continued service to the Country against its statist, domestic enemies. Medicaid is just another sad, unaffordable, Progressive substitute for liberty. The sooner we amputate this stinking federal bureaucratic rot, the sooner we can be about recovery.


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