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Iowa Conspiracy Theory

Posted on | August 31, 2011 | 51 Comments

Two different people sent me this photo:

This photo — showing Texas Gov. Rick Perry talking to Ken Crow — was taken Saturday by Lisa Krantz of the San Antonio News-Express at a Polk County (Iowa) GOP fundraising event in Des Moines.

Crow is the president and founder of the Tea Party group that is hosting this weekend’s Indianola rally with Sarah Palin. In discussing the controversy surrounding that event, I mentioned earlier one friend’s conspiracy theory that Perry’s campaign was secretly orchestrating that controversy to undermine Palin. One of the people who sent me this photo included an e-mail comment:

This guy Crow has to be doing this all on purpose, for one reason: to make Palin look bad, for the benefit of someone who wants to make Palin look bad.
Remember: if they can make the narrative “Tea Party Woman=Christine O’Donnell=Sarah Palin” stick, then who wins? Rick Perry.

Way too far-fetched for my tastes. Is Team Perry really so crafty that, months in advance, they would dispatch a clandestine operative to insinuate himself among Iowa Tea Party activists, persuade them to invite Palin to a big rally, and then wreck the whole thing on purpose just to make Palin look bad?

Well, I don’t believe it — although some very intelligent people do believe it — yet I pass this along just to illustrate what kind of bad vibes have resulted from this disorganized Indianola situation.

UPDATE: Want some more paranoia?

The guy who supposedly put the hook in to get O’Donnell booted off the Indianola rally was Palin chief of staff Michael Glassner. Here’s his biography — total GOP Establishment guy, worked 15 years for Bob Dole.

Make of this what you will.


51 Responses to “Iowa Conspiracy Theory”

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