The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

LIVE AT FIVE – 08.31.11

— compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Joy and Tears In Libya As Eid Arrives Without Qaddafi Shortages of everything but happiness as Libyans celebrate fall of the regime Rebels plan to lay siege to Sirte, trade time for lives Meteorologists Cast Wary Eye On Katia Storm has hurricane potential Purge Follows “Fast and Furious” Gunwalking […]

No Honor Among Thieves, No Curiosity Among Journalists: Perez Hilton Re-Pirates Video, CBS News Repeats Smear

The piracy of my video and the smearing of Michele Bachmann continue, despite my having done two posts — here and here — explaining the true story. Here is a screen-cap from Perez Hilton’s site, showing that he downloaded and re-uploaded the pirated/edited “Who likes white people?” video, imprinting it with his own watermark: Look […]

Jane Jamison, R.I.P.

Dell Hill from called today to tell me that the blog’s founder, Jane Jamison, died Saturday. Dell told me — I hadn’t previously known — that her name wasn’t actually Jane Jamison, but that this was a pseudonym she used to keep her life as a political commentator separate from the liberal world in […]

Consumer Confidence Sags; Fed Wants More Stimulus; Gold Gains $38 an Ounce

The relationship between these factors is not entirely coincidental: Gold prices soared Tuesday as Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans called for further monetary easing. The rally continued in after-hours trading after the Fed’s latest minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting in August showed a growing number of presidents calling for more […]

Against Radical Egalitarianism

A friend responded to my earlier post about the so-called “gender gap” with an e-mail pointing out several other statistical problems in that feminist argument. Replying to my friend’s e-mail, I found myself elaborating an argument that eventually reached nearly 1,200 words. Because it explains a lot of the fundamental principles involved in my political […]

What Accounts for the ‘Gender Gap’ in Pay? Statistics Prove: It’s Lazy Women

OK, the statistics don’t actually prove the assertion in the headline — although it sure got your attention, didn’t it, ladies? — and neither do statistics “prove” the common feminist claim that discrimination explains the so-called “gender gap.” But if we examine the number of hours worked per week, two highly relevant statistics emerge: Men are more […]

Vice President Marco Rubio?

by Smitty That’s Krauthammer’s take: He checks all the boxes. We saw his charm. He’s got the right ideology. He’s well spoken. And he’s got a great story, second generation immigrant. I mean, he gives a story of hope and restoration, which would be I think his theme. I think he’s prohibitively the favorite for […]

Lowlife Who Pirated My Video Apologizes for Smearing Michele Bachmann

Nothing like an attorney’s letter to produce contrition: I want to apologize for misusing Stacey Robert McCain’s original video . . . I was angry so I decided to take Mrs. Bachmann’s line out of context to make her seem more overtly racist in light of her recent signing of that Iowa marriage pledge that […]

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