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By The Time The World’s Youngest Blogger Can Consider College. . .

Posted on | October 31, 2011 | 4 Comments

by Smitty (via Gateway Pundit)

By the time the World’s Youngest Blogger can consider college, I anticipate there will be some outfit in academia advertising itself explicitly as ‘*-studies free’.

The classes, scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Sunday, were to be held on the Plaza at SCCC and include such subjects as

  • “Why We Support Occupy,”
  • “Legislative Lobbying,”
  • “The Art of the Protest Sign” and
  • “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations.”

Classes will continue throughout the night.

Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers said in an open letter to Paul Kilpatrick, President of SCCC that the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons.

I wonder if “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations” will be some sort of Criminology twofer, if the allegations of sexual assault (via Drudge) at #OWS gatherings have any merit. I suspect they may, and trust the authorities and the media to be on the case.

Seattle is a really great place, at least it was back in the Reagan administration when I was a high school student there. Yet the seeds and early shoots of this kind of idiocy were apparent then.


4 Responses to “By The Time The World’s Youngest Blogger Can Consider College. . .”

  1. Brendon Carr
    October 31st, 2011 @ 7:51 am

    Isn’t the Naval Academy *-Studies free?

  2. smitty
    October 31st, 2011 @ 9:58 am

    Well, yes. And I’ll prepare the WYB for a USNA trip if a) he cares to, and b) he can get in. No obligation, though.

  3. richard mcenroe
    October 31st, 2011 @ 10:37 am

    I will not rest until I can defend my dissertation with twinkles!

  4. Anonymous
    October 31st, 2011 @ 1:51 pm

    Trusting the authorities and the media to be on the case will save us I’m sure.

    Speaking of the “Donner Party” it’s a pity it doesn’t snow that much in Seattle.