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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Panetta Cases The Flag In Baghdad

U.S. Forces Iraq flag is lowered before being cased and returned to the U.S.

Formally marks the end of the war in Iraq; 4000 troops remain to train Iraqi security forces

Ron Wyden, Paul Ryan Propose Bipartisan Medicare Reform Plan
Would preserve current Medicare until 2022, then give seniors option of private plans

Democrats Abandoning Millionaire Surtax
Closer to compromise on payroll tax cut bill?

GOP Proposes $915 Billion Continuing Resolution

U.S. Capitol dome

Congress had originally agreed on bill Monday, but Senate Dems bowed to White House pressure, used bill as bargaining chip in payroll tax tussle

#OWS Occupies Manhattan Courtroom

Governor Asterisk Claims He’ll Catch On After “Silly Season”

It’s Witchcraft: Christine O’Donnell Endorses Mitt Romney

NJ Town Defends “Christ In Christmas” Banner Against Activists, Atheists

Senate Rejects Two Balanced Budget Amendment Bills On Party Lines

Spanish Bonds Advance As Demand Rises At Auction; Bunds Decline
European Stocks Expected To Open Lower; Asian Stocks Weigh “Grim Data” From PRC, Japan
SNB Acts To Counter Deflation, Leaves Franc At 1.2 Euros
PRC Tariffs On US Autos Turn Up The Heat In Trade Dispute
Gasoline Falls To Two-Week Low As OPEC Raises Output Limit And Euro Drops
Eurozone Manufacturing & Services Contract For Fourth Month In A Row
Market Turning Bearish On Gold?
Research Shows Hands-Free Cellphones Just As Risky
WinPhone 7.5 Vulnerable To SMS Hack?
Google Pulls 22 Apps From Market To Prevent Fraudulent Charges
FBI Director: Bureau Never Sought Carrier IQ Data
Nokia Re-Enters U.S. With $50 Smartphone
Wintel Ultrabooks Match Mac Airbooks In Speed, Lightness

Stern Says Paul To Clippers Is Better Trade For Hornets

Soon to be former Hornet Chris Paul

New Orleans gets three players and a 2012 draft pick for their star

Red Sox Swap Damaged Goods To Astros For Closer Melancon

NFL Completes Deal With Fox, CBS, NBC

Waiting Game Begins For Japanese Ace Yu Darvish

Magic Call A Halt To Dwight Howard Trade Talks

Bruins Break Free From Senators

Paris Jackson Fills In For Missing Lindsay On “Ellen”

Paris Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, LiLo (inset)

Michael Jackson’s 13-year-old daughter talks about acting and school

Giulia Rancic Doing Well After Double Mastectomy

Surprised Judge To Lohan: “You’ve Done Your Work”

Angelina Jolie: Brad & I Cooked Our Own Turkey

Clint Eastwood: Go Ahead, Punk, Make My Reality Show

Madonna Inks Three-album Deal With Interscope

Megan Fox In Bed With Sacha Baron Cohen For “The Dictator” Trailer

Demi Moore: Who Cares If I’m Still “MrsKutcher” On Twitter?

Former French President Chirac Convicted Of Corruption
Putin Accuses Protest Organizers Of Working For The West
Hooch Toll Rises To 131 In West Bengal, 7 Arrested
West Bank Mosque Torched
U.S.: Syria’s Assad “Dead Man Walking”
PRC Villagers Defy Government
Monti Government Calls For Confidence Vote On Austerity Package
Panetta Says U.S., Allies Winning Afghan War

Lonely Conservative: Democrats To Drop Millionaire Surtax From Hostage Demands?
FDL: President Won’t Veto Defense Authorization Despite Detention Provisions
National Review: Winnowing The Field
iOwnTheWorld: National Review Makes Their Case – NO GINGRICH
Rush Limbaugh:: GOP Race Not Over; Mitt And Newt Both Have Problems
Legal Insurrection: “Zany” Is Looking Pretty Good Right Now
Don Surber: Birth Of A Defamation
Ed Driscoll: MSNBC Keeps F***king That Chicken
Power Line: Tom Friedman Goes Full Metal Mearsheimer
Gateway Pundit: Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) May Announce Third-Party Run As Libertarian
IBD: Docs Show Breuer Lied About “Fast & Furious”
American Spectator: Politico’s Nuns’ Story
Atlas Shrugs: Muslims Offended By Pa. House Bill To Outlaw Sharia
Da Tech Guy: The Left’s Endgame For Illegal Immigration
Tim Blair: The Siege Of Wukan
Weasel Zippers: Ron Paul Lands Coveted Andrew Sullivan Endorsement

SOTD: It’s On The Rocks


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