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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.02.12

Posted on | July 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Institutional Revolutionary Party Projected To Win In Mexican Elections

A woman votes in Atlacomulco

PRI claims win in Presidential election for first time in 12 years, also projected to win majorities in both legislative houses

Former Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir Dies, 96
Will be buried today at Mt. Herzl alongside wife

Former DPJ Chief Ozawa Leaves Ruling Party Over Sales Tax
51 other legislators join him, in a blow to PM Noda

Obamacare Decision Good For Raising Money

Romney campaign: up over $5.5 million since decision announced

Obama campaign claims to have outraised Romney but won’t release figures

Rangel’s Victory Margin Shrinks As Primary Challengers Head To Court

Gunman In Ft. Bragg Shooting Dies

GOP Leaders See November As Time To Defeat Obamacare

DOJ Refuses To Prosecute Holder, But “Fast & Furious” Investigation Far From Over

Governor Perdue Vetoes Bill To Allow Hydraulic Fracturing In North Carolina

Gun Group Finances Shooting Camp With Chicago Gun Buyback Program

Governor Jindal Says Louisiana Won’t Implement Obamacare

Oil Slides Below $84 On Waning EUphoria, Signs Of Weakening PRC Economy: NYMEX $83.79, Brent $96.16
Doubts Greet Plan For Eurozone Bank Regulator
HSBC Says PRC Factory Activity Worsening
Bristol-Myers To Buy Amylin For $5.3 Billion
USPS To Begin Processing Plant Consolidations
Germany’s Linde To Buy Lincare In $4.6 Billion Deal
Thousands Protest Construction of Walmart In LA’s Chinatown
Samsung Seeks Stay On Galaxy Nexus Injunction
Apple Pays $60 Million To Settle PRC Trademark Suit Over iPad Name
Best Buy Slashes Prices On New Apple Laptops
Booker Goes #Waywire
Amazon Cloud Outage Takes Down Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, More
Twitter Turns Off Tweets To LinkedIn
Nike+ FuelBand ICE Makes Fitness Transparent

Mariners’ Offense Still Missing In Extra-Inning Loss To Red Sox

"So, either of you guys heard anything about these so-called bats?"

M’s not clearing Mendoza line at Safeco

Michael Jordan’s Son Arrested After Omaha Hotel Scuffle

Mets’ Three Errors Costly In 8-3 Loss To Dodgers

Rangers’ Darvish Fans 11, Still Loses To A’s 3-1

Rosters Unveiled For 83rd All-Star Game

Erica Enders Becomes First Female NHRA Pro Stock Winner

No Runs, No Answers As Astros Lose Series To Cubs

Nationals Beat The Heat And The Braves, 8-4

Katie And Suri Move Out

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Mother and daughter move out of Cruise’s NYC apartment into their own digs
Related: Co$ Denies Tailing Holmes

Chris Brown Busted For Gun Possession At BET Awards

Miley Cyrus Wins Over Future In-Laws

Hilaria Thomas Marries Some Famous Dirtbag

Kunis & Kutcher Openly Affectionate During Lunch Date

Ted And Magic Mike Take Box Office Lead

Young Potter Stars Split As The Magic Wears Off

Thousands Protest In Hong Kong As PRC Installs New Governor
Gunmen Attack Churches In Northeast Kenya
Coptic Emigres Fear For Egypt’s Future
Turkey Scrambles Jets On Syrian Border
Syrian Opposition Rejects Peace Plan Over Assad
Cameron Facing Rebellion Over EU Plans
Pakistan Says Mumbai Attackers Were Helped By 40 Indians
Iceland Reelects President For Fifth Term
Venezuela’s Presidential Campaign Officially Begins

Legal Insurrection: Alone Again, Naturally
NRO Corner: Did Roberts Cave To Media Pressure?
Gateway Pundit: Audio Of Obama Lawyer Arguing Mandate Is Tax Stuns WH Chief Of Staff
Weekly Standard Blog: WaPo Blames “Manmade Climate Warming” For Devastating Weekend Storm
American Power: Washington May Be Without Power For Days
Unfortunately that doesn’t include Congress or the bureaucracy.
Protein Wisdom: “How Liberals Win”
Glenn Reynolds: The Supreme Court, Obamacare, And Legitimacy
Just One Minute: Taubes And The Emerging Conventional Wisdom On Refined Carbs
Potluck: A Tale Of One Tragedy And Two Campaigns


2 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE: 07.02.12”

  1. Adjoran
    July 2nd, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

    #SignsOfTheEndTimes ~ Despite horrible PMI reports from across the globe – Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, UK, USA – markets aren’t tanking.  In fact, some are up in celebration because they believe the economy will force central banks into more monetary “stimulus” which will feed the markets (if no one else).


  2. Wombat_socho
    July 2nd, 2012 @ 7:16 pm

     Personally, I’m wondering how much of the “increased market value” of stocks is a direct result of devalued currency thanks to inflation.