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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.11.12

Posted on | July 11, 2012 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Romney’s Wide Lead Among Independents “Red Flag” For Obama

Mitt Romney campaigning in Colorado

WaPo/ABC poll shows candidates tied at 47% among registered voters, Romney leading 53-39 among independents

PRC Wants South China Sea Spat Off Clinton’s Agenda
Rebuffs SecState’s call for discussion of tensions at ASEAN meeting

Egyptian Constitutional Court Suspends Presidential Decree Reconvening Parliament
President asserts decree doesn’t conflict with Court’s ruling, only with SCAF order to dismiss

House GOP Readies For Vote On Obamacare Repeal

World's largest, most expensive hamster wheel

Repeal measure certain to die in Senate, some House Democrats will support it anyway

Americans Paid Lowest Taxes Ever In 2009 Thanks To Tax Cuts And Unemployment (Mostly Unemployment)

Obama Orders Offer Of Federal Health Insurance For Seasonal Firefighters

Holder Vows Aggressive Challenge To Voter ID Laws, Requires ID For Admission To Speech

Jackson Owes Voters Details On Health Problems, Gutierrez Says

Obama Tries To Quell Voter Cynicism In Iowa

Brent Rises Above $98, Shrinking US Stockpiles Eyed: NYMEX $84.24, Brent $98.27
AT&T Drops Fight Over Million-Dollar Phone Bill
Small Business Optimism Takes Largest Drop In Two Years
MF Global Part 2? Another Brokerage Missing Over $200 Million In Client Funds
ROK Jobless Rate Flat In June
Midwest Corn Crop Ravaged By Drought
Apple Explains Why It Yanked Devices From Enviro Registry
A Step Back In Time With Windows 8’s File History
Ouya: The New Player In The Console Game Wars
Megaupload Founder Offers Deal To US
Google’s Schmidt Predicts Failure of PRC’s Great Firewall
“Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2” Gets New Trailer, Trent Reznor Soundtrack

National League All-Stars Rout American Leaguers 8-0 For Third Consecutive Win

The Giants' Pablo Sandoval hits a triple as part of the NL's 5-run first inning

Verlander lit up for five runs, Harrison coughs up another three while NL pitchers combine for shutout

Cano Has No Hard Feelings, But MLB Execs Butthurt Over Fans’ Booing

Armstrong’s Team Staff Gets Life Ban

Lou Williams, Hawks Agree On Multi-year Contract

Bettman, NHLPA Continue Negotiations On New Labor Agreement

Warriors Trade Wright To Sixers

NASCAR Penalizes Stewart Six Points For Cooling Hose Violation

Demi Lovato Boots Bath Salt Rappers From “X Factor”

Demi Lovato is NOT amused

Rappers ejected from auditions after Demi ripped act, crowd booed them off stage
Related: Britney Walks Off Set After Contestant’s Tribute

Sofia Vergara Engaged To Nick Loeb

Madonna’s Lifetime “AbFab” Ban

Katie Holmes Pleased With Divorce Settlement

Lionsgate To Split “Hunger Games” Finale “Mockingjay” Into Two Films For 2014, 2015

Sony Hires New Writer For “Ghostbusters 3”

“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Movie To Be Produced By “Social Network” Team

Egyptian Lawmakers Defy Ban As Heat Rises
Syrian Rebels Dubious About UN Peace Plan
Clinton Makes Historic Visit To Laos
Liberals Holding On To Early Lead In Libyan Elections
US Crafts Pakistani Apology To Suit Foreign Allies, Domestic Opponents
House Of Lords Reform Halted After Massive Tory Rebellion In Commons
Chinese Catholic Bishop Detained After Publicly Breaking With PRC’s “Patriotic Church”
ROK President Lee’s Brother Jailed On Bribery Charges

Riehl World View: Change – Romney Courts Black Vote While Obama Passes
American Glob: Journalists Required To Show IDs At Eric Holder’s Speech On The Evil Of IDs
Paul Bedard: Liberal Group Calls Romney Too White For Blacks To Like
Clayton Cramer: So Why Does TV News Still Set The Agenda?
Lonely Conservative: Hypocrite Debbie Wassermann-Schultz Has Invested In Foreign Companies, Swiss & Indian Banks
Cafe Hayek: Open Letter To Senator Durbin
Gateway Pundit: Obama To Close Nine Border Patrol Stations In Four Southwestern States
Mary Katherine Ham: Finally, Blogger Works For Site Everyone Thought She Worked For Already
Jawa Report: Prominent Muslim Clerics Call On Egypt To Destroy Great Pyramids
PJ Tatler: James Earl Jones Says The Tea Party Is Racist
Washington Free Beacon: Rich Lose Most In Recession, Taxes, Says CBO
Protein Wisdom: Chief Justice Neville Chamberlain
Power Line: Being Green is So…2011
Doug Ross: David Plouffe Busted Instantly In Outright Lies About Campaign Fundraising
Vodkapundit: Don’t Go All Wobbly
Matt Lewis: Today In Terrible Ideas, Let’s Draft Our Kids


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