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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Administration Locks Barn Door After Horses Long Gone

Kashmiri lawyer shouts anti-US slogans during film protest

Security tightened at embassies as protests over “blasphemous” film continue

PRC Sends Surveillance Ships To Senkaku Islands
Ratcheting up the tension

Agreement Close In Chicago Teacher Strike?
School says agreement possible today, union head less sure

Romney Broadens Criticism Of Obama Policies

Mitt Romney

Liberal media lash out at Romney for daring to criticize Obama

Shutdown Averted With Stopgap Spending Bill, Fiscal Cliff Awaits

NY State Senators’ Re-election Bids Hinge On Absentee Primary Ballots Amid Gay Marriage Furor

Judge Rules In Favor Of Legion Of Christ In Disputed Will Case

Twitter Surrenders Occupooper’s Tweets, Avoids Contempt Charges

Pennsylvania Justices Hear Arguments Over Redistricting Map

Barrett Brown Busted By FBI During Online Chat

Oil Rises As Fed Stimulus Cheers Markets: NYMEX $98.31, Brent $116.90
Wall Street Slips On Crappy Jobs Data Ahead Of Fed
Asia Stocks Rally On Fed Pledge To “Help” US Economy
Spain In Talks Over 300 Billion Euro Rescue?
Japan Aims to End Nuke Power Use By 2030s
Home Deport Closing Last Seven Big-Box Stores In PRC
Gasoline Costs Push Prices In August, Labor Department Says
Rain Eases Drought As Midwest Harvest Unfolds
iPhone Shipping Slips To Two Weeks After Just One Hour Of Pre-Orders
Nintendo Wii U To Launch In November, Will Also Work As DVR
Microsoft Finds New PRC-Built Computers Come With Malware Pre-Installed
Will Your Palm Be Your Next Password?
Don’t Think Different: Apple Adds Straitjacket Mode To iOS

Hughes Dominates BoSox, Keeps Yankees Tied For AL East Lead

Steve Swisher goofs around before the game

Weak-hitting Yankees eke out 2-0 win against hapless Red Sox
Could The Sox Be On The Block?

Cutler Talks Big, Doesn’t Deliver Against Packers

NHL Lockout Looms As Sides Refuse To Yield

Astros Rally To Snap Phillies Streak

Wild-Card Races Calm Down For The Weekend

Cards Edge Dodgers 2-1, LA Drops Two Back In Wildcard Chase

Kipnis Hits Dinger In 9th, Tribe Beats Rangers 5-4

Nats Coach Porter Interviewing For Astros Manager Job

Amanda Bynes Caught Toking, Driving Illegally

Amanda Bynes Fires One Up

Judge Orders Bynes To Put Away Car Keys
Amanda Refusing Rehab – Pal Says “She’s a Lost Little Girl”

Sally Struthers Arrested For DUI

Generation W: Jennifer Lawrence

Chad Johnson Finally Gives Up, Files For Divorce

Britney Glams Up For Appearance On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Bristol Palin Dishes On DWTS Preparations, Ex-BF’s New Baby

Rapper Arrested For Battery & Robbery, Denies Everything

Booze And (Alison) Pill Don’t Mix

Four Yemenis Die As Anti-US Protests Spread
Wills, Kate “Saddened” Over French Mag’s Topless Photo Claim
Benghazi Consulate Attack May Have Been Inside Job, Libyan Security Involvement Suspected
Iran Brushes Off Critics As UN Censures It For Nuke Work – Again
Loyalist Jets, Gunships Batter Aleppo
Pope Visits Lebanon During Turbulent Time For Arab Christians
Foreign Journalists In PRC Targeted In Malware Attacks
Somali President Escapes Unharmed From Suicide Attack
Duma Expels Opposition Party Head

Atlas Shrugs: America Was Warned Of Embassy Attack But Did Nothing
Power Line: The Libyan Scandal Deepens
Jammie Wearing Fools: Politico Rushes To Protect Obama After Devastating Report
Legal Insurrection: Pro-Obama Media So Far Beyond Bad, It’s Indescribable
Allahpundit: WSJ/NBC Polls Shows Obama Ahead In Swing States
NRO Corner: Obama Unsure Who Our Allies Are
PJ Tatler: Obama’s Intelligence Failure
Jim Geraghty: Obama’s Mistake Much Bigger Than An Ally Gaffe
Riehl World News: Holder, DOJ ID California Man Behind Anti-Islam Film
Jihad Watch: Muslim Rioting, Violence In Israel, Gaza, Libya, Yemen…
NewsBusters: NYT Twice Claims “Romney On The Defensive”
Gateway Pundit: Dem Pundit Kirsten Powers Unloads On Obama, Media After Embassy Attacks
Weasel Zippers: Teamster Chief Jimmy Hoffa Compares GOP To Pol Pot
Hit & Run: Ron Paul Might Get Electoral Votes From Defecting Electors


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