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Neal Rauhauser as Carlito2000:
How Barrett Brown Went Down

Posted on | October 26, 2012 | 5 Comments

My planned campaign road trip has unfortunately been delayed, which gives me a chance to follow up on some recent activity by Neal Rauhauser, who became rather enraged when I pointed out that it was Neal who “drove Barrett Brown off the deep end.”

Rauhauser knows that this is true — the Sept. 12 video meltdown by Brown, the former “Anonymous” spokesman, was a direct consequence of Neal’s manipulations — and he is attempting to evade responsibility for Brown’s arrest.

Brown’s meltdown occurred in the immediate aftermath of his attacks on Patrick “Patterico” Frey. The fact that Brown went after Frey, then flipped out and started raving about Jennifer Emick, Aaron Barr and HB Gary — who loom large in Rauhauser’s favorite conspiracy theories — was all the circumstantial evidence needed to know that Neal was behind it. The day before Brown’s arrest, he posted to Pastebin a transcript of an online chat he had with Frey, which included this question from Brown:

Right now, I think the only real question I have for you is, do you know if Robert Stacy McCain might have had any discussions at all with either Emick or anyone at HBGary at any time, and do you have any correspondence in which he discusses me?

Woo hoo! Now, in point of fact, I never had any communication with Emick until Oct. 19, when she contacted me to talk about her recent conflicts with Neal Rauhauser. And I’ve never talked to anyone at HBGary, period. But this was what Rauhauser wanted Brown to believe, that somehow I was part of a conspiracy involving Emick and HBGary. In the Pastebin, Brown posts this excerpt of an online chat log:

13:47] <Carlito2000> Jen Emick & William Welna getting cornholed by #treehouse on
[13:47] <Carlito2000> logs posted by Bitchiest aka Kelly Hallisey
[13:47] <Carlito2000> ringleaders there are Bratty (Kelly), Render64 (her man), Pythorian, girlfriday, DingoLingo & humu
[13:47] <Carlito2000> Emick has been circulating among right wingers for a while now
[13:47] <Carlito2000> Approached by @ZAPEM, tentatively Michele Lessick a while ago. Very likely was working with
[13:47] <Carlito2000> @Liberty_Chick (Mandy Nagy) and @dmatthewstewart (Douglas Matthew Stewart) in pursuit of Anonymous
[13:47] <Carlito2000> they hassle @AnonyOps, @AnonyNewsNet, claiming they are Neal Rauhauser, and otherwise act stupid
[13:47] <Carlito2000> Emick has appeared just once as “Cream” on @BrooksBayne site, as secret source on Rauhauser
[13:47] <Carlito2000> there is a huge split there – Darby/Stranahan get crosswise with Bayne, nasty civil war stared a month ago
[13:48] <Carlito2000> nachash (@doxbin) release big torrent on @Sanguinarious (Welna) and there was a Jen Emick funpack
[13:48] <Carlito2000> funpack contains a doc about pursuit of Brett Kimberlin, straight out of HBGary playbook, and it was NOT in the initial dump UGnazi took from Emick
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> oic
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> where can I get that?
[13:49] <Carlito2000> source is believed to be Tom Ryan, canna go into details on how we sorted that out
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> okay
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> I know he and Emick are in some petty war
[13:49] <Carlito2000> So, its in Emicks’s directory but the writing ain’t her or ZAPEM, seems very much to be @Liberty_Chick style
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> and vaguely aware of Bitchiest etc conflicts, all that, but haven’t followed as much as I should
13:49] <Carlito2000> So, its in Emicks’s directory but the writing ain’t her or ZAPEM, seems very much to be @Liberty_Chick style
[13:49] <BarrettBrown> and vaguely aware of Bitchiest etc conflicts, all that, but haven’t followed as much as I should
[13:50] <Carlito2000> sadly, I am a subject matter expert on this anondrmama
[13:50] <Carlito2000> So Darby is under suspicion as being the SWAT caller that triggered #Swatgate

What you see here is that “Carlito2000” is offering Brown a file (“funpack”) supposedly containing information about Emick’s “pursuit of Brett Kimberlin,” which Emick says is a complete fabrication by Rauhauser. And you see that “Carlito2000” is also interested in many other of Rauhauser’s obsessions — Mandy Nagy, Doug Stewart, “ZAPEM” and Brandon Darby. Frey tried to get Brown to see this:

Frey: “Carlito2000” sounds an awwwwwful lot like Neal. . . .
I think your source Carlito2000 is Neal. He’s spreading disinformation the way he tends to, by sending it to people other than the target, to make it seem more credible. I know all his tricks by now and he and his people are all boring me.
Brown: I actually know for a fact that he’s not Neal, just like I knew for a fact that @Anony_Ops wasn’t Neal. And if I thought it was Neal I wouldn’t take it all too seriously.

With this in mind go watch the 13-minute video rant that got Barrett Brown arrested last month:

“I got to find out, thanks to a hack — thanks to another f–king stroke of luck, thank God — that HB Gary, since mid-February, had hired an FBI informant . . . making up reasons to raid Barrett Brown and get his information. . . .
“It turns out — from the e-mails that were stolen two months ago and that, thank God, I have — that that guy was an old military buddy of HB Gary executive Jim Butterworth. . . . I know what’s been done to me by these f–king contractors . . .
“FBI agent Robert Smith is a criminal who’s involved in a criminal conspiracy that has, thank God, been revealed, part of which was evident months ago, because I told the f–king FBI agent Daniel Forseck . . . when his f–king little Jennifer Emick — f–king informant, HB Gary employee — bragging about the sh-t, she gave me the number. I guess she wanted to talk to me and see what I’d say.”

So, who fed Brown this conspiracy theory about Emick and HB Gary? “Carlito2000,” a/k/a Neal Rauhauser.


5 Responses to “Neal Rauhauser as Carlito2000:
How Barrett Brown Went Down”

  1. Monitor2112
    October 26th, 2012 @ 1:59 am

    Psst. You drove Barret Brown OF the deep end? How exactly does that work? 8)

  2. erehwon
    October 26th, 2012 @ 1:33 pm

    Those are some realy strange folk in the Kimberlin-Rauhauser-Bynaert-Brown nutbar complex. Fascinating to read about. Are you or smitty or Hoge going to update on the hearing today?

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  4. ConRight
    November 5th, 2012 @ 2:51 am

    Add Brooksbayne the fake conservative who works with Rauhauser against conservatives and Catholics to the list. They just posted his criminal record.

    Note he doesn’t have any filings so he’s pretending to be running a non-profit over at that skank site trenches? These scammers need to be reported to the authorities/IRS.

    Someone else posted, I think over at Mike’s blog I read it, that Rauhauser has been outed as being an alcoholic for 15+ years or so by a long-time buddy of his. That would account for him always referring to Stacey and Pat Read as being drunks. It’s all about the projection with these skanks. It will all come out in their faces.

    As for carlito2000, I think Mike’s camp has the proof of that alt being Neal Rauhauser. Check over here –

  5. Brooksbayne is a fraud
    November 26th, 2012 @ 10:12 am

    Let me fix that link about Brooksbayne for you.