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Thugs of a Feather: #Anonymous Supports Hamas Terrorists Against Israel

Posted on | November 15, 2012 | 152 Comments

Hamas terrorists in Gaza launched missile attacks against Israel, and now Israel is fighting back. From the comfort of their mothers’ basements, the cowardly “revolutionaries” of the Anonymous hacker conspiracy issued a manifesto accusing Israel of “barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people” and demand that the Israelis “cease and desist from your terror upon the innocent people of Palestine.”

Jessica Roy reports at the technology site BetaBeat:

Anonymous has already begun defacing multiple pro-Israel websites . . .
A Google doc, also being circulated by Anonymous, provides information about protests across the globe in response to the IDF’s military operations. A Facebook event for a protest at the New York Israeli Consulate on 42nd St. and 2nd Ave. already has over 1,000 people registered as attending.

More from Gerry Smith at the Huffington Post:

Beginning early Thursday morning, the hacker group announced a mission to crash and deface websites belonging to the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli websites belonging to security and financial corporations, according to Global Post.
On Twitter, an account linked to Anonymous called on followers to bring down more than 40 websites belonging to the Israeli government and military. The group is known for launching so-called “denial of service” attacks that overwhelm websites with traffic, causing them to crash. . . .
The hacker group posted a message on one website claiming to have taken down Israeli’s “top security and surveillance website.” The statement included a photo of what the group said were burning buildings in Gaza and said: “We Anonymous will not sit back and watch a cowardly Zionist State demolish innocent people’s lives.”

 So if you ever doubted that Anonymous was a terrorist organization, they have now removed all reason for doubt.


152 Responses to “Thugs of a Feather: #Anonymous Supports Hamas Terrorists Against Israel”

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    Anonymous = George Soros men