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LIVE AT FIVE: 02.08.13

Posted on | February 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Mountain Manhunt Underway For Ex-Cop Turned Killer

Former LAPD cop issues manifesto

Wanted for killings of Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence, and an unnamed LA policeman; search covering three states and Mexico

Maine Senators Question Brennan On Drone Use
King unhappy with drone assassination policy, Collins voiced concerns of CIA

New England, New York Brace For Blizzard
Waves of flight cancellations as NYC, Boston brace for 18 inches of snow

Rove’s New “Conservative Victory Project” Inflames GOP

Karl Rove delenda est.

Tea Party, conservative groups, and radio hosts bash former Bush strategist

Seattle Grounds Police Drone Program

House Democrats Unveil Gun Control Proposals

Menendez Admits He Acted On Donor’s Behalf

Senator McCain: Not Enough Was Done To Prevent Benghazi Murders

Pentagon Leaders Favored Arming Syrian Rebels

Catholic Bishops Bridle At Administration’s Contraception Mandate “Compromise”

Michigan Governor Snyder’s Budget Calls For Higher Gas Tax, Vehicle Fees, And More Money For Education

Brent Rises On Strong PRC Data, Iran Worries; NYMEX $96.15, Brent $117.82
Einhorn Sues Apple Over Plan To Discard Preferred Stock
Draghi’s Comments Send Euro Lower
US Jobless Claims Edge Down To 366,000
Retailers Post Strong January Sales
Alcatel-Lucent Chief Resigns
How Facebook Briefly Killed The Internet
Bing Falls To Fifth In Search Engine Rankings Behind Yandex
Microsoft Surface Pro Shows Off Its Inner Ultrabook
Sprint Sells 2.2 Million iPhones, Loses $1.3 Billion
Sony Slumps By Most In Four Years As Losses Stun Traders
Microsoft Launches “Don’t Get Scroogled” Campaign

Dwight Howard Returns, Lakers Get Beaten Like Rented Mule Anyway

Lakers’ Dwight Howard whines to a ref

Celtics whip on Lakers 116-95; Paul Pierce, he say: “It always feels good when you can give them a little old-fashioned beatdown in your house.”

M’s Extend King Felix For Five Years, $175 Million

Miller Scores Two In Debut As Rangers Beat Islanders 4-1

Nuggets Stun Bulls 128-96, Make It Eight Straight

Flames Torch Blue Jackets In OT 4-3

Schilling Claims Red Sox Encouraged PED Use

Pens Pound Lifeless Capitals 5-2

Blackhawks Cruise Past Coyotes 6-2

Nationals Spring Training Preview: Five Stories To Watch

Michelle Williams “Had A Blast” At Super Bowl, Open To More Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child performing at the Super Bowl

Rejects social media chatter that she wasn’t happy to be there

John Mayer Discovers The Common Factor In All His Failed Relationships

Marilyn Manson Passes Out On Stage From Flu

Selena Gomez Targeted By Sweatshop Protesters During Fashion Week

Matt Smith To Star In “How To Catch A Monster”

Melissa McCarthy Called “Tractor-Sized”, “Hippo” In Review Of “The Identity Thief”

NJ Fashionista Leaves Behind “Grudge List” Before Jumping From G.W. Bridge

Robin Roberts To Return To “Good Morning America” February 20

“Star Wars” Spinoffs – A Young Han Solo Movie, Boba Fett Film

Tense Tunisia To Bury Murdered Opposition Leader
EU Budget Deal Set At 960 Billion Euros
Japan Pledges To Solve Territorial Dispute With Russia
Iran’s Ayatollah Rejects Direct Talks With US
ROKs “Indifferent” To Norks’ Nuke Threats
French Troops Begin Withdrawal From Timbuktu
Fighting Expands In Damascus As Diplomatic Hopes Sink
South Africa Indicts 19 Alleged Congo Coup Plotters

The Looking Spoon: How Chris Rock Thinks About His Relationship To The President
Hit & Run: In Search For Rampaging Ex-Cop, SoCal Polce Declare War On Pickup Trucks
Soopermexican: Media Scrub Cop Killer’s Manifesto Of Pro-Obama, Hillary, CNN, MSNBC, Gay And Anti-Gun Comments
Protein Wisdom: Suspected LA Cop Killer Posted Leftist Rant On The Web
Breitbart: Suspected Mass Murderer’s Manifesto Endorses, Hillary, Obama, Gun Control, Elite Media
Twitchy: Master Murder Politicizer Piers Morgan Says We Shouldn’t Politicize Ex-Cop’s Murder Spree
Ace Of Spades: If It Will Save One Life, We Must Get Piers Morgan’s Stupid Fat Face Off Television
Gateway Pundit: Media Silent After News Breaks That Obama Was AWOL As Americans Were Slaughtered In Benghazi
Rush Limbaugh: Where Was Obama On The Night Of Banghazi Attacks?
William Kristol: On Their Own
Allahpundit: Senator Wyden Asks CIA Nominee “Shouldn’t You Give American Citizens A Chance To Surrender Before You Kill Them?”
Weasel Zippers: Only 24% Back Obama’s Drone Assassination Policy
Israel Matzav: One of Hagel’s Donors Is “Friends Of Hamas”?
Power Line: Time To Stick A Fork In Hagel
Kathryn Lopez: Catholic Bishops Say Latest HHS Abortion/Contraception Mandate Not Sufficient
Des Moines Register: Rep. Steve King Asks For Help In Fighting Karl Rove
Mary Katherine Ham: GOP, Dems Team UP To Repeal Obama’s Medical Device Tax
American Spectator: Conservative Fury Erupts At Rove

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