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Kaitlyn Hunt Back in Jail

Posted on | August 19, 2013 | 154 Comments

Evidently, her bond has been revoked, or there are new charges, but here’s the booking record from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, complete with a new mug shot, and the accused sex offender’s mother says Kaitlyn Hunt turned herself in, blaming the violation of her bond on the victim:

“Poor Kaitlyn can’t help herself! She was perfectly innocent and normal until that irresistibly hot underage girl cast her voodoo spell!”

Maybe if her trashy parents would stop throwing pity parties for their brats and instead teach them to respect the law . . .

UPDATE: Apparently the violation of terms of her release was clear enough to the bondsman, WPEC-TV reports:

Sheriff’s spokesperson Thom Raulen added, “Tonight at approximately 9pm, Kate Hunt was brought into the county jail by a representative from the bail/bond company which had posted her bond. This was not a result of judicial action but rather done at the discretion of the bail/bond agent.

Good luck finding someone else to go your bail after you violate terms of pretrial release this flagrantly. Donald Douglas observes:

This is what you get for rejecting society’s norms, laws, and basic decency.

Doug Hagin: “Give me a D!”



154 Responses to “Kaitlyn Hunt Back in Jail”

  1. Alessandra
    August 21st, 2013 @ 3:06 am

    What people write and say shows what they have in their heads. Richard, get off your stupid track and post here the comments Ace and his stupid crowd make about porn and lesbians and lesbian porn.
    It seems you just don’t have the guts to admit what the Acer crowd thinks like.

  2. Alessandra
    August 21st, 2013 @ 3:46 am

    Asking you for links means this: you claim you read the site and you know what Acers write about porn and lesbians and lesbian porn. Are you now saying you’re completely ignorant about the views of Ace and the crap of people who follow Ace? You read and you don’t know what they think, is that what you are claiming now? Or you read and you know and you have links proving you know something?

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