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Media Covers for #FreeKate While Her Supporters Attack the Victim’s Parents

Posted on | August 21, 2013 | 153 Comments

Jailbait Kate: Her crazy supporters will do anything for her.

This CNN story about the Kaitlyn Hunt case doesn’t mention that the age of consent is 16 in Florida until the 13th paragraph:

Gay Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt sent back
to jail over explicit texts, images

The headline conveys a misleading impression of the case, and although the article includes most of the relevant facts, it is clearly intended to generate sympathy for the criminal:

The court hearing Tuesday was graphic and, for Hunt, emotional. She held a tissue in her handcuffed hands that she repeatedly used to wipe tears from her eyes. The proceeding marked the latest turn in a story that first captured the nation’s attention months ago.
Hunt’s family says the relationship was consensual, with their lawyer claiming authorities wouldn’t have gone after her if it had involved a male and a female instead of two teenage girls.

Exactly why should we give a damn what this criminal pervert, her raunchy parents and their worthless lawyer say about the case?

Arguments made by the World’s Worst Lawyer™ Julia Graves in her statement today demonized the family of Kaitlyn Hunt’s victim:

“[The younger girl is] taken to a church that labels being gay a sin, has the Bible thrown at her, all of her thing in her room boxed up and taken from her, is apparently hit by her parents, and clearly yelled at for lying by her father in the presence of Detective Shepherd at the school in a subsequent interview.”

This has been the Hunt family’s strategy from Day One — blame the victim and her family. In her May 17 Facebook post, Kaitlyn’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith named the victim’s parents nine times and smeared them as being “full of hate and bigotry.” And the post by Kaitlyn’s lawyer, alleging abuse by the parents of the victim, seems to have been a signal for Kaitlyn’s supporters to attack:

Perhaps you thought it was rhetorical overkill when I called Kaitlyn’s supporters “amoral scum with no sense of shame,” but do you see the twisted worldview of these people? Do you see how they admire everything despicable and despise everything admirable?

The family that raises a tattoo-covered foul-mouthed hoodlum (“Beat her f–king ass, Emily! Beat her ass! Get that bitch!”) are a family that has love “in abundance.” No one can be judgmental toward the parents who let Kaitlyn bring a runaway 14-year-old to their house for a lesbian sex romp where they “put their fingers inside of each other’s vaginas, put their mouths on each other’s vaginas, and both of them used a vibrator on each other to insert it in each other’s vaginas.” That’s perfectly OK and it would be wrong to call such a family “creepy” or something.

No, there is nothing remotely suspicious about a father like Steven R. Hunt Jr. (Booking #2012-00001721) and everyone must praise a mother like Kelley Hunt Smith who sends text messages telling her daughter’s victim to “delete EVERYTHING.”

Instead, according to the “Free Kate” crowd, what needs to be investigated — the family that should be condemned for “abuse” and accused of having “zero good intentions” — are the parents who objected to their 14-year-old daughter getting dildoed by Steve and Kelley’s perverted criminal offspring. You know, the one who likes to send masturbation videos of herself to minors?

That’s the way people think, see, if they’re the kind of amoral scum with no sense of shame who support “Free Kate.”

Do I hate these scum too much? No.

It’s impossible to hate them as much as they deserve to be hated.



153 Responses to “Media Covers for #FreeKate While Her Supporters Attack the Victim’s Parents”

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    … and people are STILL donating to this criminal. Can’t this be stopped?

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