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Andrew Breitbart Was Right: @MaxBlumenthal Is Despicable

Posted on | November 9, 2013 | 56 Comments

Perhaps you’ve forgotten this epic confrontation between Andrew Breitbart and Max Blumenthal at CPAC 2010:


That video came to mind today when I read an article by Rosie Gray of BuzzFeed about how Max’s father Sidney Blumenthal (notorious as a hatchet-man for the Clintons in the 1990s) had mounted a poison-pen campaign against liberal journalist Eric Alterman. Max Blumenthal recently published an anti-Israel book that compares Israelis to fascists and Nazis. Alterman negatively reviewed the book, and then was knifed in the back by his alleged friend:

In a follow-up blog post after the initial review, Alterman wrote that he had become the target of emails sent around by Blumenthal to friends and associates as a result of his review of the book.
“I attribute to these friendly relations the fact that until now, Sid Blumenthal had not seen fit to make me the object of any of the unflattering e-mails he so often sends around to journalists and others — myself included — about individuals of whom he disapproves,” Alterman wrote. “Privately, I worried that by telling the truth about his son’s book, I would soon hear of nasty e-mails about me sent by Sid to our mutual friends and professional acquaintances. Call it ‘bizarre,’ if you will, but sadly, that’s just what happened.”

Read the whole thing, and keep in mind: I despise Eric Alterman, and am not exactly a fan of BuzzFeed. But Max Blumenthal?


‘Hating Breitbart’ for Christmas!



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