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LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13

Posted on | December 2, 2013 | 14 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October, Feds Claim

Insurers still unhappy with data flow

O RLY? Crucial Weekend Begins With A Shutdown

Goa Court Remands Tarun Tejpal To Police Custody
Bail rejected for magazine founder accused of rape

Four Dead As Mob Forces Thai PM To Flee
Security forces fight running battles with 30,000 protesters

Cardinal Dolan Affirms Catholic Church’s Opposition To Obamacare

The Cardinal speaks after celebrating Mass at St. Patrick’s in NYC

Warns of backlash

Broken Promise Of Obamacare To Haunt Dems’ Congressional Campaigns

Illinois Public Unions Target Illinois Democrats In Battle Over Pensions

Obama Hints At Staying In D.C. After Leaving Office

Congressmen Seek Medal For OSS

Obamacare Expected To Add 300K New Yorkers To Medicaid Rolls

Media Attacks Obama’s “Soviet-Style” Publicity Policy

Asian Crude Rises On PRC Manufacturing Data: NYMEX $93.24, Brent $110.26
Black Friday Spending Drop Pressures Retailers
Amazon Testing Delivery By Drone
“12 Days Of Christmas” Items Top $114K
Stocks Up For Third Month; S&P Tallies Longest Win Streak Since 2004
Venezuela Takes Over Smurfit Plant
Apple Snubs Discounts, Sprays Black Friday Zombies With Gift Cards
Google’s Schmidt Calls NSA Spying “Outrageous”
Sailfish-Based Jolla Phone Debuts; Will Its New OS Fly?
Restaurant Boots Google Glass-Wearing Customer
Nintendo, Southwest Airlines Give Passengers Free Wii U Consoles

Patriots Rally For 34-31 Win Against Texans

Brady: 371 yards, 2 TDs

Texans’ skid reaches ten games

Giants Eliminate Redskins From Contention With 24-17 Win

Pacers 16-1 After Beating Clippers 105-100

Blazers Hold Off Furious Lakers Rally, 114-108

Phil Hughes Leaves Yankees, Inks 3-Year Deal With Twins

Stars Fall 3-2 To Oilers In Shootout

Nationals Rumors: From Cano To Furcal

“Fast & Furious” Star Paul Walker Dead In SoCal Crash

Good night, sweet prince

Paul Walker, 1973-2013 RIP

“Fast And Furious 7” Delayed But Won’t Be Scrapped

Maria Bello Comes Out As Gay In NYT Column

Lindsay Lohan Goes After “Grand Theft Auto V” For Image Theft

Michael Jordan & Wife Yvette Expecting First Child

My Life As A Jonas Brother

“Catching Fire”, “Frozen” Serve Up Massive Thanksgiving Feast

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr Reunite In NYC With Son Flynn

Sharon Osbourne’s Plastic Surgery Confession

What’s The One Thing Carla Hall Hates Cooking?

Pamela Anderson’s New Nude Shoot

“Betrayal” Cast Faces Tech Problems

Hamptons High Flyers Screen “Saving Mr. Banks”

“Anchorman” Ferrell Hosts News Show

Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino’s Book Hits NYT Best-Seller List

My Life As A Call Girl

Thai PM Rejects Resignation Demand
Feinstein Blasts Karzai Over Refusal To Sign Pact
Ukrainians Blockade Government Buildings After Clashes
Iran FM Urges Saudis To Work Together For “Stability”
Chicoms Launch First Moon Rover Mission
RCMP Charge Ontario Man With Spying For PRC
Police Clash With Morsi Supporters In Tahrir Square
Karzai Accuses US Of Cutting Military Supplies

Dead Republican Party: Obamacare Advent Hymn – Required Usage
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Another Lefty Viral Story Turns Out To Be Fake
American Power: Ted Rall Is RAAAAACIST!
American Thinker: New PRC Study Proves Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, December 2
Jammie Wearing Fools: Dissent Is The Highest Form Of Tax Bracket
JustOneMinute: Declaring Victory!
Pat Dollard: Obamacare Website Designer Also Runs Failed Army Program
Protein Wisdom: Palate Cleanser – Having That Talk At Thanksgiving
Shot In The Dark: The Real Roots Of Gun Control
The Jawa Report: HuffPo Newspeak – “Terrorists” Out, “Activists” In
The Lonely Conservative: Get Ready For The Democrat Party To Move Farther Left


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  1. MrEvilMatt
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 5:09 am

    LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13: – compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October…

  2. CHideout
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 5:09 am

    LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13: – compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October…

  3. Lockestep1776
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 5:09 am

    LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13: – compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October…

  4. Resista38176897
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 5:09 am

    LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13: – compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October…

  5. jwbrown1969
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 5:09 am

    LIVE AT FIVE: 12.02.13: – compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Night And Day” From October…

  6. Good Stuff
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 6:04 am

    thanks for the Thai protesting links

    Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thaugsuban were old PAD scum and now call themselves Democrats (what crap) – The two times they have been in government since 1992 has been because of outside intervention. The Democrats know they can’t win an election so they want to fundamentally rewrite the rules and do so by a new bunch of appointed representatives”…

    Suthep has pointedly said fresh elections are not his goal — he and the opposition Democrat Party would very likely lose a general election. Instead he has called for a “people’s council,” a seemingly utopian plan that would effectively suspend the country’s democratic system and select “good people” to lead the country. He has not offered specifics on how the council would be selected, beyond saying it would represent people from “all professions.”

    following this stuff on my Facebook site

  7. meepbobeep
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 6:57 am

    pssst, the Cardinal Dolan link only goes to his picture

  8. rsmccain
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 6:57 am

    LIVE AT FIVE Your Essential Daily Headline Roundup by @wombat_socho

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    December 2nd, 2013 @ 8:04 am

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  10. rmnixondeceased
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 8:09 am

    As always Wombat, thanks for the linkery!

  11. ObamaCare Advent Hymn -Required Usage | Dead Republican Party (DeRP)
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 8:15 am

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  12. BobBelvedere
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 10:00 am

    RT @rsmccain: LIVE AT FIVE Your Essential Daily Headline Roundup by @wombat_socho

  13. Wombat_socho
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 3:56 pm

    Man, I hate when that happens. Fixed.

  14. Wombat_socho
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 4:00 pm

    It’s been interesting watching things unforld (unravel?) over there.