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Kevin Zeese, Neal Rauhauser and the ‘Occupy Infiltrator’ Frame-Up

Posted on | March 2, 2014 | 10 Comments

The first “SWATting” generally mentioned in connection with Brett Kimberlin involved a man who had never heard of Kimberlin at the time. Mike Stack of New Jersey was targeted in June 2011 because of his connection to exposing the “WeinerGate” scandal:

Neal Rauhauser’s involvement with Brett Kimberlin apparently began in 2011. In February [2012], Rauhauser published a bizarre eight-page document (“Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?”) expressing the belief that he and Kimberlin were targets of a conspiracy involving Andrew Breitbart and many others, including Mike Stack, who played a key role in exposing Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner’s online sexcapades.
Rauhauser is a fanatical “Weiner Truther,” believing in a conspiracy theory version of the WeinerGate scandal in which the congressman was the victim of a “set up” hoax perpetrated by Andrew Breitbart and/or shadowy Republican operatives. This left-wing tinfoil-hat stuff doesn’t really interest me, but it explains Rauhauser’s apparent obsession with Mike Stack . . .
What do “SWATting” victims Patterico and Mike Stack have in common, other than the fact that, as Patterico himself notes, Rauhauser hates their guts?

You can read the whole thing to refresh your memory. Because the federal RICO lawsuit (“Kimberlin v. the Universe, al.“) makes much of the claim that bloggers have accused — or “imputed” — Kimberlin of SWATting, it’s important to point out that my most in-depth article about this whole complex situation makes clear that Neal Rauhauser was a far more likely suspect. And, of course, it was Rauhauser’s status as Brett Kimberlin’s self-described “associate” that drew my attention to Kimberlin in the first place.

What about Kevin Zeese? In May 2012, on the letterhead of Kimberlin’s 501(c)4 group Velvet Revolution US, Zeese wrote a letter threatening legal action against Ali Akbar. In his lawsuit, Kimberlin doesn’t even mention his role with Velvet Revolution, just as he does not mention his associates Rauhauser and Zeese. This is interesting, because Rauhauser and Zeese were connected in a February 2012 episode in which Zeese and his partner Margaret Flowers wrongly accused Mike Stack of “infiltrating” Occupy protests:

A few days later we uncovered the second infiltrator, Michael Stack, when he was urging people on Freedom Plaza [in Washington, D.C.] to resist police with force. We later learned he was from the Leadership Institute which trains youth in right wing ideology and tactics. We were told he had also been at Occupy Wall Street provoking violence.

This was false. Mike Stack never set foot at either the “Occupy DC” or “Occupy Wall Street” protests, and Mike Stack never had anything to do with the Leadership Institute. Zeese and Flowers repeated this smear even after Mike Stack had already debunked it, and the acknowledged source of this smear was Neal Rauhauser.

Keep in mind: This happened in February 2012.

Three months before I had ever written a word about Brett Kimberlin, SWATting target Mike Stack was being smeared by Kimberlin’s associates Neal Rauhauser and Kevin Zeese. The only reason Stack had been targeted by Rauhauser was the same reason Rauhauser targeted Patrick Frey — i.e., both played a role in exposing the 2011 “WeinerGate” scandal. And pay close attention to what Rauhauser (“Stranded Wind”) did at Daily Kos:

By July 27, 2011, Rauhauser declared that Patterico “looks to be a pretty good candidate for the planner/operator behind Weinergate.”
Patterico had been one of Kimberlin’s prime targets since October 2010, and by late July 2011, Rauhauser was using his DailyKos diary to attack Patterico every other day. If you’ll read Rauhauser’s July 4 post, you’ll find that this isn’t exactly a coincidence:

Who has been in sight, frantically flogging explanations that don’t add up, is Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey . . .
And when someone forwarded me the complaint regarding Frey running a cyberstalking campaign in conjunction with South Easton, Massachusetts resident Seth L. Allen, well, maybe this whole situation is about to become much clearer. . . .

Three days later, on July 7, Rauhauser announces on DKos his plan to move from Illinois to Washington, D.C., for a job that would “provide for me more in a week than I make for a whole month at my part time day job here in Illinois.” And in October 2011, Rauhauser described himself as doing “protective service work” for a client who is “the head of a Washington D.C. NGO.”
This description fits Kimberlin, whose 501(c)3 Justice Through Music Project has collected about $1.8 million in contributions since its founding in 2005. In December 20, 2011, Seth Allen himself made that connection in a post titled, “Sadistic Cybersmearing and the Roots of Blogging Fascism.”

If you’ll follow that Seth Allen link, you’ll notice Rauhauser invoking “an annoyed FBI agent who will confirm the back story” of what Rauhauser called “a credible death threat” by Allen against Rauhauser’s self-described “client,” Brett Kimberlin. And, as Allen said, Kimberlin in December 2011 was “attempting to have [Allen] imprisoned for contempt of court.”

So here you have Neal Rauhauser and Kevin Zeese, both known associates of Kimberlin, involved in the smearing of Mike Stack, while Rauhauser was separately involved in the harassment of Seth Allen and Patrick Frey. Yet Kimberlin’s federal lawsuit says nothing about Rauhauser or Zeese, nor does Kimberlin’s lawsuit mention Velvet Revolution US, the organization that brought him to the attention of the bloggers he’s suing in federal court for allegedly “creating false narratives” about Kimberlin. But by omitting the involvement of Rauhauser, Zeese and Velvet Revolution from his version of events, it is Kimberlin who is creating a “false narrative.”

Quod erat demonstrandum.







10 Responses to “Kevin Zeese, Neal Rauhauser and the ‘Occupy Infiltrator’ Frame-Up”

  1. Mm
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 4:46 pm

    If litigation moves forward, the counterclaims should be interesting.

  2. DaveO
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:09 pm

    The financial forensics alone would be worth the price of admission. Too bad Holder is purging the FBI.

  3. robertstacymccain
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:19 pm

    The point is, the litigation should NOT move forward, because the litigation is simply a continuation of the same pattern of harassment. In his complaint, Kimberlin deliberately omits references to Rauhauser, Zeese and Velvet Revolution, because they were part of this pattern. Seth Allen, Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, Mike Stack, Aaron Walker — all of these individuals were targets of harassment, not perpetrators thereof, and it was because of this pattern of harassment that Kimberlin’s name was connect to “SWATting.” At the time of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day,” only Stack and Frey had been SWATted and, as I point out, Stack had never heard of Kimberlin at the time (June 2011) that Stack was SWATted. Yet the SWATting calls were just part of a general pattern of harassment, and Kimberlin was directly connected to two people (Rauhauser and Zeese) who had been involved in that harassment. We know it was Rauhauser who gave Zeese the bad info about Stack being an Occupy inflitrator. How did Rauhauser and Zeese know each other? Oh, right: Zeese was a Velvet Revolution colleague of Rauhauser’s “client”/”associate” Brett Kimberlin.

    One could possibly imagine an innocent explanation of this, but the point is that Kimberlin has hitherto avoided being compelled to explain his role in this pattern, even while he is suing the people who brought attention to the pattern.

  4. Dianna Deeley
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:22 pm

    I still want to know where the 2012 990 is for either JTMP or VRUS.

  5. Dianna Deeley
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:24 pm

    Oh, but be still my heart, at the thought of being able to dig into the financials.

  6. DaveO
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

    Inquiring minds want to follow the money. Should the IRS’s curious lack of curiosity be noted?

  7. Mm
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:59 pm

    “…but the point is that Kimberlin has hitherto avoided being compelled to
    explain his role in this pattern, even while he is suing the people who
    brought attention to the pattern.” And he will continue to do so, unless litigation moves forward.

  8. Dianna Deeley
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 5:59 pm


    Kimberlin is really small potatoes. I don’t think they’re going to investigate him, simply because there isn’t enough money involved, never mind that his big money donors are the kind of organizations favored by the current regime. I am not entirely clear how heavily the liberal slant weighs, versus the small potatoes part. But it’s bothered me for years, how hard it is to get the IRS to investigate small-scale frauds in nonprofit world.

  9. DaveO
    March 2nd, 2014 @ 6:16 pm

    There is no standard, and there is no leadership at the IRS because its employees believe the IRS is corrupt.
    The thing about small potatoes is they do dirty work, but no one remembers they are cut outs. And they see things, and hear things, and become FBI informants.

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