The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Washington Post Shocked — Shocked! — to Learn Failed President Is Unpopular

Gloom, despair and agony for Democrats: Democrats face serious obstacles as they look to the November elections, with President Obama’s approval rating at a new low and a majority of voters saying they prefer a Congress in Republican hands to check the president’s agenda, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Obama’s approval rating […]

Report: ‘No Regrets’ Sex Teacher Said She Had Sex Dreams About Teen Boy in 2008

Readers may remember Jennifer Fichter, the 29-year-old Florida teacher who allegedly told the mother of a 17-year-old student that she had “no regrets” about having sex with the boy. Evidence now emerges that Fichter’s sexual interest in young boys was a problem when she was a middle school teacher six years ago: LAKELAND, Fla. — […]

25 Years, Sexy Lady!

My beautiful wife and I got married 25 years ago today. Our wedding was at the Gordon County Courthouse in Calhoun, Georgia, with Probate Judge Johnny Parker presiding. I was making $275 a week as sports editor at the Calhoun Times and Lou Ann was working at Hardee’s. Two of my colleagues at the newspaper, […]

Brandeis Brownshirt Talia Lepson Hurls Crude Insults at Pro-Israel Student

Talia Lepson (@tlepthechamp on Twitter) is a Brandeis University sophomore “majoring in Politics and minoring in Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies” who describes herself as an “avid MSNBC viewer.” In case you forgot the recent campus controversy: April 9: Brandeis and Suicidal Liberalism April 17: Shocking: Brandeis Feminist Faculty Led Petition Against Aayan Hirsi Ali […]

Teen Killer ‘Just Wasn’t Right’

Could this tragedy have been avoided? The 16-year-old who allegedly hacked a fellow student to death at a suburban Connecticut high school after she refused to be his prom date is a ‘cutter’ who had previously attempted suicide and has a history of depression, his classmates have told MailOnline. Chris Plaskon has been identified by […]

Donald Waelde Wants to Be a Woman — and Also, Perform Oral Sex on a Horse

The Craigslist ad (left) led to arrest of Donald Waelde (right). Far be it from me to say that Donald Waelde’s alleged interest in horse sex is typical of Arizona’s LGBT community: Once again, deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have busted someone who went to Craigslist looking for sex with an animal. This […]

Lies, Errors, and Tendentious Mischaracterizations of Facts

“Vile Lie-Peddler @Karoli Kuns,” as I have sometimes called her, is one of the members of Team Kimberlin whose harassment of the perjuring bomber’s Enemies List is intermittent, rather than habitual and constant. It has been months since I paid any attention at all to her and, honestly, the whole Kimberlin drama has begun to […]

It’s 2014: Why Aren’t You Racist Yet?

So, apparently, this was The Week When Everybody Became Officially Racist. First it was Cliven Bundy, and now L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been caught on audio saying racist — RAAAAACIST! — stuff to his hot young girlfriend, who just happens to be half-black and half-Mexican. Rich elderly white guy is OK with dating […]

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