The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Goldberg Misses His Own Punchline

by Smitty Goldberg goes for a fairly straightforward South Park play in discussing Obama’s foreign policy, “Obama’s foreign-policy plan B”, but misses the obvious gag: the whole thing is an extended Plan B Abortion pill. Keith Koffler enumerates, by country, most of #OccupyResoluteDesk’s non-triumphs. He’s missing my personal favorite, and Obama’s first cock-up, which was […]

Reading ‘Heterophobia’: Adrienne Rich and ‘Compulsory Heterosexuality’

“[T]he failure to examine heterosexuality as an institution is like failing to admit that the economic system called capitalism or the caste system of racism is maintained by a variety of forces, including both physical violence and false consciousness. . . . “Lesbians have historically been deprived of a political existence through ‘inclusion’ as female […]

Remember When @RaniaKhalek Played ‘Count the Jews at the Nation’?

New York University student Laura Adkins exposed the intimidation tactics of the radical campus group Students for Justice in Palestine and, as you might expect, Adkins has been relentlessly harassed online the past two days by the usual suspects, including self-proclaimed “independent journalist” Rania Khalek. The fact that SJP is linked to Hamas? The fact […]

‘The Prom Was Postponed’

Horrible news in Connecticut: MILFORD, Conn. — A 16-year-old student was stabbed to death in the hallway of a high school here on Friday morning, the day of the school’s junior prom. The authorities arrested a 16-year-old male student and charged him as a juvenile with murder, and the police said they were looking into […]

Guess Which Clip Is The U.S. State Dept.

by Smitty I know that it was Stacy’s understanding there would be no quiz tonight, but unfortunate social media exigencies dictate that this blog ask the following: Which one of these clips features the U.S. State Department? A: B: C: You can be forgiven for choosing the most professional option, A. After that, junk gets […]

‘Lynn Beisner’ Is a Pseudonym

The first thing you need to know about Lynn Beisner — it’s right there on her profile at The Guardian — is that her name is not Lynn Beisner and thus, whenever she offers personal anecdotes as arguments (as is her habit), the skeptical reader must reply, “Oh, really?” Why this matters, as I’ve explained […]

Totalitarian Terror: Anti-Israel Campus Extremists Target Jewish Students

Jewish students at New York University were the targets of a sick stunt by members of an anti-Israel group called Students for Justice in Palestine, and this hateful deed should be a teachable moment, an occasion to reflect on recent history. The anti-Israel sentiments of the academic Left are no secret to those who have paid […]

Hollywood Pedophile Scandal: Gay Director Calls Accusations ‘Fictitious’

Gay movie director Bryan Singer wants the world to know that he did not have butt-rape with that underage boy, Mr. Egan: “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This fantastic film is a labor […]

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