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#EndFathersDay: Is This #YesAllWomen Feminism or Another 4Chan Hoax?

Posted on | June 13, 2014 | 51 Comments

And does it matter?

Because I routinely check the #fem2 and #radfem hashtags, I noticed the #EndFathersDay hashtag early this morning and also noticed that some people called it a hoax by the gamer/hacker types at 4chan. But the hashtag was adopted by some actual feminists, who see it as a logical extension of the #YesAllWomen campaign — i.e., universal collective female victimhood, with all men as violent patriarchal oppressors — which therefore demonstrates how it is impossible to parody radical feminism.

Adrienne Rich, Mary Daly, Dee Graham — feminists have spent decades following the radical logic of their anti-male ideology to its obvious lesbian conclusion. The amazing thing is that in 2014 there are still heterosexual women who dare to call themselves “feminists.”

Because of the hegemonic influence of feminism among the intelligentsia, however, few college-educated women are willing to speak out against feminism, per se, so that many women who live non-feminist lives nevertheless think of themselves as “feminists,” but are shocked when they encounter actual feminist ideology. This was why so many people were astonished by Radical Wind’s declaration, “PIV is always rape, OK?” — a belief entirely consistent with radical feminism’s anti-male, anti-heterosexual doctrine,taught in Women’s Studies course everywhere, but usually concealed from the general public.

The logic that PIV (penis-in-vagina, i.e., heterosexual intercourse) is “always rape” derives from feminism’s Marxist origins, wherein women as a “sex caste” are collectively exploited and oppressed by men. (Friedrich Engels himself was the first to assert this in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.) The Women’s Liberation movement of the 1960s and ’70s (so-called “Second Wave” feminism) began among women allied to SDS and the anti-war movement, many of whom were “Red Diaper babies” and, having grown up within the Communist millieu, eagerly applied Marxist-Leninist doctrine to women’s second-class status within the male-dominated New Left. Any bibliography of classic Women’s Liberation literature must include radical lesbian authors who understood that rejecting “male supremacy” required a rejection of heterosexuality. Yet between the career ambitions of female journalists like Gloria Steinem (who saw the “feminist” label as a ticket to fame and fortune) and the political ambitions of activists who craved “mainstream” influence, the meaning of feminism has been deliberately obscured so that nowadays “feminism” is whatever any woman wants to claim it to be.

Always, however, anyone who takes feminism seriously — either as a supporter or opponent of the movement — must ultimately understand that an ideology based on implacable hostility toward men is incompatible with any normal woman’s life of heterosexual love, marriage and motherhood. Do we have to wonder why Shulamith Firestone, author of the seminal 1970 feminist text The Dialectic of Sex, died a lonely schizophrenic? Was she a victim of the patriarchy (as feminists would have us believe) or was she a victim of feminism?

When feminists speak of “patriarchy,” “male dominance” and “rape culture,” they are not merely complaining of specific abuses by specific men, but are rather indicting all men as violent oppressors of all women. Because all men are thereby implicated in these patriarchal atrocities, it is impossible for any feminist to accept any male as an ally, so that feminists must not only reject heterosexuality, but must also condemn their own fathers as complicit in the oppression of women. Or at least, this is what feminists must do if they understand the logic of their own anti-male rhetoric. But logic and feminism have never really been compatible, and so we are required to accept intellectual incoherence as the essential expression of women’s identity.





51 Responses to “#EndFathersDay: Is This #YesAllWomen Feminism or Another 4Chan Hoax?”

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