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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Feminist Logic: Shut Up, Haters

Posted on | May 15, 2015 | 104 Comments

Did you know @KateSpencer has “self-inflicted body shame”? Yeah, your first thought is probably: Kate Who? But before we answer that question, let’s talk about her body shame:

Because I am thirty-three years old [she wrote in 2013], and I am still not comfortable in my own body. I haven’t been since I was eight and I sprouted breasts before everybody else . . . I wasn’t when I was twelve and towered over boys, slouching to bring myself down in inches. Nor was I at nineteen, skinny-dipping in the waters off of Long Island with my closest college friends. Even though I was drunk and stoned the shame was still able to find a way in . . .
I was not comfortable in my body in my twenties . . . And I wasn’t after I gave birth to my daughter at thirty-one . . .
The thing about self-inflicted body shame and self-loathing is that it seeps into other aspects of your life. It makes you feel unworthy in other situations . . . It’s a cycle of worthlessness that weaves its way into social interactions, sexual relationships, and random moments of your life.

You can read the whole thing, if you have a weird voyeuristic interest in watching someone publicly wallow in useless self-pity. But now let’s answer your question, Kate Who?

Kate Spencer has been writing and performing at the UCB Theatre since 2002. She is a member of the improv team Reuben Starship and co-host of the pop culture panel show Shut Up! I Hate You! Kate is a Senior Producer/Writer and on-air correspondent for VH1, where she spends a lot of time yapping on TV and the internet about pop culture and celebrity news. She’s interviewed everyone from George Clooney to Kristen Stewart to Fleetwood Mac, and one time Connie Britton called her “adorable” and she almost cried. Writing credits include: Newsweek/Daily Beast, Vulture, Hello Giggles, College Humor and The Huffington Post, who named Kate one of their “18 Funny Women You Should Be Following On Twitter.”

Oh, right: Women full of self-loathing are so hilarious. But it was on Twitter where — har-de-har-har — she posted this:

“People who refuse to believe women are harassed online sure do love to make their point by harassing women online.”

Non sequitur much? Does anyone deny the existence of online harassment? Certainly not I, having been harassed by the deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, among others. But this “harassment” meme has been exploited by feminists as part of an attempt to paint their critics as dangerously violent haters, thus to (a) elicit sympathy for feminists; (b) discredit all opposition to feminism as inspired by misogyny; and (c) try to get their critics banned from Twitter and/or subjected to criminal prosecution. Because feminism is a totalitarian ideology, it can only succeed by silencing opposition. This is what has happened in academia, where Title IX has been weaponized and deployed to prohibit criticism of feminist dogma. (Remember that Larry Summers was forced to resign as president of Harvard University after he publicly speculated about “innate differences” between men and women.) After more than two decades of increasingly rigid feminist hegemony in higher education, most college-educated people under 40 have been so thoroughly indoctrinated in the false premises of feminist ideology that not only can they not “think outside the box,” but they’ve never met anyone who could explain to them that there is a box.

Feminists now believe that only women are targeted by online harassment, and furthermore believe that any negative attention online is “harassment,” and SHUT UP, HATER! Having spent the past 17 months researching and writing about radical feminism — Sex Trouble, $11.69 in paperback, $1.99 in Kindle ebook — I’ve long since become accustomed to this reaction. Inside the Feminist Internet Bubble, everybody tells each other how awesomely clever they are, so that all any woman needs to do is to declare herself a feminist and she can immerse herself in a digital estrogen bath of self-affirmation. However, the minute anyone from outside this bubble calls attention to the absurdity or falsehood of feminist claims — ZOMG! You’re a hateful ignorant misogynist engaged in the Internet equivalent of rape!

The fool cannot stand to have her ideological folly held up to critical scrutiny and (perhaps you have noticed) the critic need not even offer a detailed analysis or a counter-theory in order to provoke feminists to shrieking panic and fury. Merely to quote what the feminist has said and expose it to readers outside the Feminist Internet Bubble is deemed hateful “harassment.” Why? Because the errors and falsehoods of feminism are generally self-evident, they inspire caustic mockery from any sane person with ordinary common sense. Nothing is more offensive to feminists than being mocked by ordinary people with common sense.

What we are not supposed to notice is the problematic premises asserted within what I call feminism’s Patriarchal Thesis:

  1. All women are victims of oppression;
  2. All men benefit from women’s oppression;
  3. Whatever.

In other words, when your worldview begins with the assumption that normal human life is a system of injustice in which all women (collectively) are victimized by all men (collectively), then it is possible to justify almost anything you do as part of your effort to overthrow this oppressive system. Smash Patriarchy!


The Patriarchal Thesis absolves feminists of any obligation to meet the ordinary requirements of intelligent discourse. Logic is unnecessary and, as for facts, they are (a) whatever feminists say they are or (b) irrelevant if they do not confirm the Patriarchal Thesis. Believing themselves oppressed, and believing that men universally participate in the oppression of women, feminists thereby justify themselves in telling blatant lies and insulting men. Anyone who dares call notice to the hateful dishonesty of feminism is presumed to be a dimwit with bad motives because, of course, feminists are the moral and intellectual superiors of anyone who disagrees with them.

So, you may ask, exactly how oppressed is Kate Spencer? The crucible of her adolescent suffering was Dana Hall School (annual tuition $43,200), and she got her bachelor of arts degree in Women’s Studies from Bates College (annual tuition $47,030). In other words, she was a rich prep school kid who attended one of those money-no-object New England liberal arts colleges at which she never had to encounter any grubby commoners from places where people drive pickup trucks, listen to hillbilly music, believe in Jesus and vote Republican.

Kate Spencer‘s yearly prep school tuition bill was more than the median household income in New Mexico, Tennessee and seven other states, but she is oppressed because of her body shame. Don’t you dare doubt her victimhood, you sexist bigot, because her suffering makes Kate Spencer your superior. If you should express any objection to Kate Spencer’s insulting nonsense, why, that’s clearly illegal harassment!

Don’t ever bother hating Kate Spencer, you stupid Republican rednecks, because you could never hate her as much as she hates herself. And, of course, her self-hatred is your fault.



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    For some people, that’s what it takes.

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    ????$89 hourly on internet@mf16//



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    I can hate spammers.