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In The Mailbox, 07.20.15

Posted on | July 20, 2015 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Thuggish Transgender Gals
Michelle Malkin: Jihad On U.S. Troops Is Not A “Circumstance”
Twitchy: Q: Is White House Reconsidering Funding Of Planned Parenthood? A: (Has One Syllable)
Conservative Review: House GOP Promotes Muslim Brotherhood’s Whitewashing Of Islamic Terror

American Power: O’Malley, Sanders Booed Off The Stage At Netroots Nation
American Thinker: Feds Get The Power To Seize Medical Records On “Fishing Expedition” With No Subpoena From Judge
Conservatives4Palin: Gov. Palin – Real Healthcare Reform Vs. Obamacare
Don Surber: Dekanawida And The Iroquois Confederacy
Jammie Wearing Fools: In Case You Were Wondering, Laughingstock Lunatic Rachel Dolezal Still Identifying As Black
Joe For America: Marine Warns ISIS In America: “Beware – That Soccer Mom Pushing A Stroller Has A Glock And Will Leave You In A Pool Of Blood”
JustOneMinute: Go, Carly!
Pamela Geller: In Ohio, Another Muslim Indicted On Charges Of Supporting The Islamic State
Protein Wisdom: This Is The Brave New World Where Gender Is Fluid And Relationships Are A La Carte
Shot In The Dark: Forfeit
STUMP: Milwaukee County Pensions – Scott Walker, Pension Obligation Bonds, And An Actuarial Booboo
The Gateway Pundit: Pentagon Tells Recruiters “No Guns” Allowed At Recruiting Stations, “Close The Blinds” For Protection
The Jawa Report: Black Man Who Supported Confederate Flag Killed By #BlackLivesMatter
The Lonely Conservative: Now Hillary Clinton Isn’t Even Letting Supporters Speak To The Press
This Ain’t Hell: Americans Stepping Up For Recruiters
Weasel Zippers: Liberal Media Bias Is A Myth Alert – CNN Mentions Of Confederate Flag, 493; CNN Mentions Of Planned Parenthood Baby Body Part Trafficking, 7
Megan McArdle: Friday Food Post – Five Gadgets You Don’t Want
Mark Steyn: The Superbowl Of Superholes

Anniversary Sale: The Last Falangist Now Only 99 Cents


4 Responses to “In The Mailbox, 07.20.15”

  1. Daniel Freeman
    July 20th, 2015 @ 11:29 pm

    At last! As a high priestess of Moloch, Rodham just can’t help herself. That’s a good start by Walker, but I would like to see the Republican candidates press the Democrats every day to name even one limit on baby-killing that they would find acceptable.

    Second trimester? Third? Fourth? Eighth? We don’t know, because the Democrat bootlickers in the press (BIRM) refuse to ask the Democrats any questions that might expose their radical extremism.

  2. Herbertporter
    July 21st, 2015 @ 2:48 am


  3. DeadMessenger
    July 21st, 2015 @ 4:22 am

    Damn straight. If we’re going to go down the nonteleological nature road, then there is no problem with “abortion” at any time between conception and natural death, by definition. So tell us, Hills, what is your plan for euthanasia of worthless old farts other than yourself? And for late, late, late term abortion of year-old infants that are just harshing Mom’s mellow. Because your stupid leftist philosophy certainly allows for that, jackass.

    I wish I personally knew her so I could call her “jackass” to her face.

  4. Christophercoaxum
    July 23rd, 2015 @ 8:23 am

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