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In The Mailbox, 01.21.16

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

EBL: Bob Dole Knows About Losing
Da Tech Guy: The Real Story Out Of NYC Straw Poll? Jeb Bush At 1%
Louder With Crowder: Bernie Sanders – Fascist For Mediocrity
The Political Hat: Transgendering The Child, Transgendering The Family, Transgendering The Christian
Michelle Malkin: Mayor DiBlasio – Hypocrite Hooked On Hollywood Cash
Twitchy: John Kerry’s Iran Deal Admission Will Fill You With #SmartPower Confidence

American Power: Palin Blames PTSD, Obama For Son Track’s Domestic Violence Arrest
American Thinker: Is Trump A McConnell-Rove Establishment Tool?
Conservatives4Palin: GOP Operatives Trying To Help Bernie Sanders Win The Nomination
Don Surber: About Your Chart That Shows Donald Trump Cannot Win
Jammie Wearing Fools: “Sinking Clinton Calls In All-Star Team of Surrogates”
Joe For America: Only A Moron Or Obama Supporter Would Believe This, But I Repeat Myself
JustOneMinute: Toll A Doleful Bell
Pamela Geller: Violent Antifa Pro-Migration Protesters Being Paid $50 An Hour By Germany’s Socialist Party #dankeantifa #Hitlerian
Protein Wisdom: Trump 2016 – Deja Vu Nixon vs. Reagan 1968
Shot In The Dark: “Nobody Wants To Take Your Guns!”
The Gateway Pundit: Unvaccinated Migrants Bringing Diptheria, Malaria, And Tuberculosis To Denmark
The Jawa Report: At Last! Terror Victim Files Suit Against Twitter
The Lonely Conservative: Sorry, Trump Fans, But You Can’t Change His Record
This Ain’t Hell: “El Chapo”‘s Rifle Traced To “Fast & Furious” Operation
Weasel Zippers: White Liberal Guy Declares Stacey Dash No Longer Black
Megan McArdle: Sanders’ Health Care Plan Is Missing Its Price Tag
Mark Steyn: Hillary’s Saps

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