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Totalitarian Hatemonger @RubyHamad Wonders Why Men Won’t Listen to Her

Posted on | March 11, 2016 | 53 Comments

Being constantly insulted by feminists — “Heterosexuality Is the Structure That Keeps Sexist Oppression in Place” — is something men are expected never to notice. Any man who objects to feminism’s anti-male hate propaganda will be instantly branded a misogynist. This is “Kafkatrapping,” whereby the denial of guilt is cited as proof of guilt.

No feminist ever wants to hear a word any man has to say, because men are always wrong about everything, and the only “right” a man now has is his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.


Ruby Hamad publishes her anti-male screeds at the Australian feminist site Daily Life. When she is not busy denouncing science as “sexist” or demonizing heterosexual men as violent rapists who harbor “unconscious misogyny,” Ms. Hamad occasionally takes time to complain that men don’t applaud her insulting lectures about how evil men are:

Why do so few men
turn up to hear women speak?

The success of the All About Women festival last Sunday, now in its fourth year, is a testament to how women are unabashedly reclaiming public space. . . .
Sex slavery. Rape. Objectification. Slut-shaming. Misogyny. Sexual double standards. Abuse. The exposure to all these – and more – are part of what being a women entails in our world. And so, these issues necessarily form a large part of what women talk about when we come together on occasions like this.
But the seriousness of the subject matter were not all that these sessions had in common. Disappointingly, both had a dire lack of men in the audience. . . .


Not long ago, feminists were complaining that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival got shut down because of its women-only policy. Now they complain because men won’t attend feminist anti-male hate rallies? Does Ms. Hamad think men are too stupid to understand what feminism is?

“Heterosexual desire . . . originates in the power relationships between the sexes and normally takes the form of eroticising the subordination of women. . . .
“[H]eterosexuality is . . . a political institution through which male dominance is organised and maintained. Sex as we know it under male supremacy is the eroticised power difference of heterosexuality.”

Sheila JeffreysAnticlimax: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution (1990)

Professor Jeffreys retired in May 2015 after teaching for 24 years at the University of Melbourne, and if Ruby Hamad or any other feminist in Australia disagreed with Professor Jeffeys about the evils of “male dominance,” they never had the courage to say as much. No feminist in the 21st century dares to say anything good about heterosexuality for fear of being condemned as a homophobe. Feminists are always against anything that makes men happy — videogames, low taxes, football, the internal combustion engine, etc. — and because men enjoy having sex with beautiful women, feminists are against both sex and beauty. This is why the very first public protest of the Women’s Liberation movement in September 1968 targeted the Miss America pageant: “How dare those pretty girls wear swimsuits so that men can admire them?”

Men are expected to politely pretend we are too stupid to understand feminism as the dishonest three-card monte hustle it actually is. No matter what a man does, feminists will find a reason to condemn him for doing it. Alternatively, he will be condemned for not doing whatever it is that feminists want him to do. Next, when the helpless fool tries to do what feminists demand, they will condemn him for doing it wrong.

Oh, but men are not supposed to notice this. Play dumb and say nothing. Just nod your head and smile. You have the right to remain silent.

Don’t swindle me and call it “social justice.” When you decide to injure a man, don’t pretend you’ve injured him by accident, nor should you insult a man by telling him the injuries you inflict are for his own good.

Any man who is not fit to judge his own best interests is a fool, and when feminists pretend that they understand men better than men understand themselves, this is never an accidental insult. The transparent scam of feminism, whereby a handful of parasitical hustlers seek to grow rich by claiming the authority to speak on behalf of all women, has never fooled anyone — male or female — with a lick of common sense.

What part of “anti-male hate propaganda” do I need to explain here? Yet the problem, according to Ruby Hamad, is that men won’t pay money to listen to feminists lecture them about what horrible oppressors they are:

Because it means men are still not listening when women speak about our experiences in a world dominated by men and male violence. . . .
In a world where men still accuse us of exaggerating our experiences of oppression and harassment, it is disappointing to see men yet again assume they had nothing to learn. . . .
It is astounding to me that men think they have little gain from an event such as this. . . . Men need to listen while women speak.

Translation: “Men are ignorant. Men know nothing.”

Feminists are Our Moral Superiors™ — intelligent! courageous! heroic! — and every man should pay money for the opportunity to sit quietly and be tutored by Ruby Hamad, like a kindergartner learning his ABCs.

Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, and I apologize to regular readers for the repetition, but until some of my alleged friends start quoting me on this subject, I’ll keep quoting myself. No use waiting around for one of these clever young punks at the Weekly Standard to write a sentence that begins, “As the award-winning journalist Robert Stacy McCain says . . .”

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53 Responses to “Totalitarian Hatemonger @RubyHamad Wonders Why Men Won’t Listen to Her”

  1. Titan000
    March 13th, 2016 @ 6:35 pm

    Even the philosophical underpinning feminism. That is of egalitarianism is bullshit.

    Egalitarianism has no basis in reality and it has been so ever since the damned enlightenment.

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