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A Fascinating Video: How Academic Feminists Persecute Their Opponents

Posted on | March 16, 2016 | 19 Comments

Janice Fiamengo explains it all.

Those who have followed the Sex Trouble series may recall that I have disavowed being a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) which, of course, hasn’t kept feminists from describing me as such. (SJWs Always Lie.)

My research is about exposing what feminists actually believe — the esoteric doctrine of their cult, which they conceal behind an exoteric discourse of “equality.” No honest or responsible adult could support the anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology of feminism, if they actually understood what it is about. It is not necessary, and I believe it to be unwise as strategy, for critics of feminism to accept the identity-politics concept of collective group “rights.” The rights of an American citizen under the Constitution are sufficient to anyone, or rather would be sufficient, were it not for the Supreme Court’s imaginative interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment that have inflicted such chaos and destruction on our society in recent decades. But I digress . . .

While I am not an MRA, however, valuable work is done by activists in the MRA movement in documenting the harmful effects of feminism, and they are owed credit for focusing sustained attention on these issues. How is it that I had never heard of Sage Gerard until yesterday? Gerard was a student at Kennesaw State University (a community college that metastasized, as it were) in 2014 when he decided to form a campus club, KSU Men, to counteract what he saw as unfair bias against male students. According to “diversity” logic, the fact that males are a minority at KSU (only 43% of enrollment) means that the faculty and administration are discriminating against men. What is KSU doing to rectify its shameful history of anti-male discrimination, and to address the tragic plight of these underrepresented victims of social injustice?

Excuse my sarcasm about this mentality, but as Friedrich Hayek explained, social justice is a mirage — no such thing has ever existed, nor will progressive policies lead to any kind of Rawlsian “equality” in the future, and anybody who doesn’t recognize this is a fool. Because I prefer not to waste time arguing with fools, however, I never bother to explain all this philosophical background to the various Obamabots and political correctoids who think of themselves as Our Moral Superiors™ simply because they (a) went to an elite university and (b) vote for Democrats.

Believing themselves enlightened with The Vision of the Anointed, they regard us as their inferiors, and expect us to thank them for lecturing us. Considering that these intellectual frauds cannot be bothered to heed the arguments of Hayek (who won the Nobel Prize in economics, for crying out loud), why should I imagine they would listen to me?

To hell with such hopeless fools. But once again, I digress . . .

“Gender and Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field with roots in the student, civil rights, and women’s movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The program at KSU offers students the chance to explore the construction of gender in relation to race, class, sexuality, nation, and other social differences in a global context and to engage their communities through social justice projects.”
Kennesaw State University

In 2014, while I was just beginning to bury myself in obscure feminist theory textbooks, Sage Gerard was under attack by a KSU professor:

Stacy Keltner is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department, where she teaches courses in Gender and Women’s Studies and American Studies. She is author of Kristeva: Thresholds (London: Polity Press, 2011) and co-editor, with Kelly Oliver, of Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, and Politics in the Work of Kristeva (New York: SUNY Press, 2009). She was a co-founder and first coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies program at Kennesaw State and a co-founder and first director of the international philosophical association philoSOPHIA: a feminist society. She also founded FeministActivism101.Com, a digital “toolbox” for Women’s, Gender, and Feminist Studies students seeking to engage feminist social change activities and projects. Articles and interviews present tactics and strategies, activists, organizations, events, and movements, as well as provide information regarding current opportunities and activist resources.

Professor Keltner is Satan with a Ph.D., basically. Everyone associated with Gender and Women’s Studies — at KSU or anywhere else — should be regarded as an active agent of demonic evil, a menace to society, a dangerous enemy of all that is good and decent in the world. Thank God for the First Amendment, which protects my right to speak the truth.

Sage Gerard did not have that right at KSU. No student on the campus of Kennesaw State University is permitted to criticize Professor Keltner or to oppose the satanic agenda of Gender and Women’s Studies. Therefore, Professor Keltner was permitted to engage in a secretive and dishonest campaign of defamation against Sage Gerard and KSU Men. No one in any position of authority at Kennesaw State University did anything to hold Professor Keltner accountable for her vindictive crusade to suppress dissent on campus, and thus KSU tacitly supported the spiteful persecution of student leader Sage Gerard. However, outside of the MRA community (e.g., Paul Elam’s coverage at A Voice for Men), Professor Keltner’s unprofessional and abusive misconduct has received nearly no attention. This is probably why I’d never heard of Sage Gerard until Tuesday, when I watched this amazing video about the KSU case by University of Ottawa Professor Janice Fiamengo:

Professor Fiamengo’s video is 30 minutes long and I wish someone would do me a favor: Transcribe this and post the transcript at Scribd (or your personal blog, wherever). This is a pet peeve of mine, by the way. Because I can read at least four times as fast as anyone talks, spending time watching online videos always annoys me. When you communicate via YouTube, therefore, it would behoove you to post a transcript or, at least, a few highlights and a bullet-point summary, for those of us who prefer the written word. (You are now 950 words into this article, and I’m sure it took you far less time to get this far than if I had spoken these words in a YouTube video.) And speaking of which, here is a brilliant video lecture about false rape accusations by Sage Gerard himself:

Absolutely brilliant, but where is the transcript, son? You’re obviously very smart. Do I have to explain why this is necessary?

Just today, I was explaining to a young journalist why I do things a certain way. Why overpower the reader’s mind with a 3,000-word post full of links and quotations from a nearly forgotten feminist like Jill Johnston? Because the intelligent reader who actually cares about the subject will read the whole thing. The reader’s curiosity will be aroused — follow the links and see for yourself — and appreciating the value of my diligent research, the reader may be inspired. God bless the intelligent reader who heeds the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:


Crazy? Perhaps. But there is method to the madness.



19 Responses to “A Fascinating Video: How Academic Feminists Persecute Their Opponents”

  1. Fail Burton
    March 16th, 2016 @ 6:07 pm

    Hah! That’s nothing. Check out Internet Aristocrat’s (Mr. Metokur) video about the Delhousie University flap. Now that was nuts. It actually shows panel discussions by student feminists you’d swear came right out of an asylum.

    As for too many words about Jill Johnston, we have a Western culture with a zillion essays full of bland generalizations impossible to rebut. The fact they are shorter doesn’t hide the fact they are empty and worthless. When one is building a case, unless you are pandering to people with short attention spans, showing Johnston for the mentally ill sociopath she so obviously was while at the same time a being a respected voice for gender feminism is important. It’s important because the self-admissions of mental illness by respected figures in this ideology as well as their devotees is probably 10 times higher than the average population.

    In my own researches into the sci-fi community, I have found the exact same admissions; they even brag about it. I have also found the same obsessive sociopathy towards men. What kind of mental cases go after men every single day on Twitter for months if not years in a row while claiming a massive presence of misogyny but without any opposite number in their community doing the same thing – not one. Yet in their world there is no such thing as misandry. That’s just plain nuts. Even my spellcheck says there’s no such thing, so ingrained is this idiocy.

  2. Tanuki Man
    March 16th, 2016 @ 6:23 pm

    Can you feed a uToob viddy into something Dragon dictation software so that you can self-generate the transcript?

  3. JosephBleau
    March 16th, 2016 @ 7:06 pm

    On an unrelated note, what ever happened with the case against your Swatters (if you’re allowed to discuss it)?

  4. RS
    March 16th, 2016 @ 7:35 pm

    Disclaimer: What follows is conjecture, albeit of the educated variety, inasmuch as I’ve dealt with confidentiality statutes in various contexts for years. I’ve not researched the issue, so I could be wrong.

    I note, colleges use “Privacy” issues as both a shield and a club. The former is understandable. FERPA does not allow the college/university or its employees from discussing a student’s academic progress or discipline with a third party, absent the student signing an authorization designating the third party recipient of the information. This does not prevent the student from talking about it whenever he wants to whomever she wants.

    It seems, however, that universities attempt to use “privacy” prevent the student from talking about his/her own case. That is an “offensive” use as opposed to a defensive use. In the context of allegations of sexual misconduct, these gag orders serve to conceal what the university is doing, while allowing the accuser to spin the matter in any direction s/he wishes. I’m unaware of any statute which allows such a thing for adults. (Juvenile court matters are different, of course, because the participants are minors, not adults.)

    Even in criminal rape cases, the defendant can talk about the incident, the process, and the accuser (by name) without jeopardy. Assuming there is no such statutory or regulatory prohibition, accuseds should demand to see the authority for such gag orders and immediately obtain counsel if one is issued.

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    March 16th, 2016 @ 10:35 pm

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  6. Jeanette Victoria
    March 17th, 2016 @ 5:55 am

    I couldn’t help myself

  7. Dana
    March 17th, 2016 @ 5:56 am

    However, in a collegiate setting, if the accused speaks about the incident and names the accuser, he may have violated privacy under the collegiate system, and be subject to expulsion just for that.

  8. Daniel O'Brien
    March 17th, 2016 @ 8:31 am

    You can speed up the video 1.5x and still understand the audio track.

  9. Matthew W
    March 17th, 2016 @ 8:31 am

    Oh Geez !!
    Gotta get one of those!!

  10. RS
    March 17th, 2016 @ 8:41 am

    That’s the point. With public universities, that gambit may not work, because of constitutional implications. Again, Rape Shield laws do not prevent the accused from talking. (Of course talking is stupid, but that’s a different issue.) With respect to private colleges with accept Title IX funds, the issuance of a gag order, arguably may itself be creating a hostile educational environment, especially in those cases, like the Yale hoops player, where he’s tarred with the public epithet “rapist,” without recourse and under potential sanction for attempting a public defense.

  11. RS
    March 17th, 2016 @ 8:48 am

    Even if the sanction for talking, .e.g. expulsion, is valid, the accusation as we’ve seen effectively ruins the accused’s life. Given the current climate, it’s better to go on the offense immediately, that wait for the travesty of university “justice” to play out, IMHO.

  12. Joe Joe
    March 18th, 2016 @ 2:02 am

    “Professor Keltner is Satan with a Ph.D., basically.”

    Keltner is an expert in the work of Julia Kristeva, a very famous Bulgarian-born French feminist psychoanalyst, whose work relates to that of Jacques Lacan, a psychoanalyst in the Freudian tradition and a far Left radical. Kristeva is the inspiration for many modern American feminists.

    Kristeva’s take on Sarah Palin:

    It would be interesting to see your take on Kristeva.

    Getting back to the topic, however, Professor Keltner’s attacks, both overt and covert, on Sage Girard are utterly immature and show a major lack of confidence in her own belief system. The MRAs have their good and their bad, but there is a lot they need to add to the conversation, as young males are being scuttled off college campuses in “star chamber” rape hearings, among other things. Sage Girard was very impressive in the clips on Janice Fiamengo’s video #28, and I agree with her assessment of him.

  13. Joe Joe
    March 18th, 2016 @ 2:30 am

    A couple of things:
    1. Yale’s women’s center seems to have violated FERPA, as per KC Johnson:
    “…(5) In an official statement, Yale unsurprisingly (and appropriately
    in this instance) shielded itself behind FERPA and declined comment.

    But, incredibly, an agent of the Yale administration took a different course. As quoted by Malafronte, the Yale Women’s Center released a public statement purporting to “speculate” and then adding: “[W]e can comfortably say that, should all of this be true, this is progress. It seems that a survivor felt that coming forward was a viable option and that they got the decisive outcome that they likely fought hard for . ..Though we can only speculate as to the intent behind the basketball team’s shirt protest, the team’s actions appeared to be a dismissal of the very real threat of sexual violence.”

    In other words: an official Yale agency all but confirmed that Montague was expelled for “sexual violence…”

    The Yale Women’s Center later retracted and replaced this text with one referencing FERPA, but the damage was done. Montague’s lawyers should go after Yale for that.

    2. There are many university “policies” that do not match actual law. For example, a friend of mine once went to school out of state and arrived for his first year at a dorm whose renovations were unfinished. This friend was either forced to live in the dorm while construction was going on or sell his housing contract to some other hapless student. The university just laughed when the student talked about breach of contract, even though there was no fire sprinkler system installed. (The university had gotten away with this little charade by putting a university guard on “fire watch”–which basically meant he walked up and down stairs for his entire shift, looking for fire.) My friend wasn’t even given a discount and was forced to buy a meal plan, even though the building’s cafeteria was not even built.

    Universities get away with this kind of thing all the time. When it comes to students, they don’t follow laws; they follow policies. And the policies are very often to the detriment of the student.

    They may have bitten off more than they can chew with these rape tribunals, though. Even unbridled university arrogance bangs its head on actual felony accusations. I am hoping that this influx of lawsuits will clarify when university policy must be superceded by US law.

  14. Daniel Freeman
    March 18th, 2016 @ 5:05 pm

    You seem to be arguing against yourself, but I think I get it. When accused of a crime, talking is stupid; when whispered about in an administrative action, silence is reputational suicide.

  15. robertstacymccain
    March 18th, 2016 @ 8:54 pm

    I’m familiar with Julia Kristeva via Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble, which cites Kristeva on pp. 78, 107-127, 113-119, 182-183. All bad ideas seem to originate in France, eh?

  16. Joe Joe
    March 18th, 2016 @ 9:38 pm

    Paglia compared French theorists to smelly cheese. I thought the take on Palin would be of interest.

  17. Quartermaster
    March 19th, 2016 @ 1:29 pm

    Several years ago I read (written by whom I can’t recall) that French ideas don’t get adopted here until they are dead in France.

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