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In The Mailbox: 05.09.16

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Louder With Crowder: Facebook Is Censoring This Conservative Website!
EBL: Donald Trump, 300, and Hillary Twerking – Making Parodies Great Again
Da Tech Guy: Rahm Touts Bread And Circuses While Chicago Bleeds And Pays
The Political Hat: What Rough Progressive, Xirs Hour Come Round At Last
Michelle Malkin: Finally, VA Responds To Navy Vet’s Self-Immolation
Twitchy: Watch The Incredible Moment When Josh Earnest Can’t Deny Administration Officials Lied About Iran Deal
Shark Tank: Obama Cuts Army Ranks To Historic Levels

American Power: Sarah Palin Endorses Paul Ryan Challenger Paul Nehlen
American Thinker: A Look At The Dysfunctional Relationship Between Women And Men
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – The Arm By Jeff Passan
Don Surber: Quote of the Day
Jammie Wearing Fools: Former Facebook Workers Say They Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
Joe For America: Obama Paves The Way For The Slaughter Of Thousands Of American Eagles
JustOneMinute: Ignorance Is Her Best Defense
Pamela Geller: Ohio Attack Victim Says “I Didn’t Come Here To Hear The President Preach About Islam”
Protein Wisdom: On Trump, Sombreros, And A Newish Third Way
Shot In The Dark: Jon Stewart Admits “Stand Your Ground” Is Democracy’s Only Legitimate Response To Street Crime
STUMP: Failed Predictions And Predictions Of Failure
The Jawa Report: Radio Killed The Jihadi Star
The Lonely Conservative: Old Trump – The Party Must Unify! New Trump – Never Mind That Unity Business
The Quinton Report: “Little Obama” Ice Cream For Sale In Russia
This Ain’t Hell: That “Highway Of Death” Canard
Weasel Zippers: Bernie Sanders Calls For Dems To Launch Liberal Version of Fox News – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN Unavailable For Comment
Megan McArdle: The Wisdom To Know Which Causes Of Inequality Can Be Changed

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