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Feminists Are Lying Hypocrites

Posted on | August 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Feminists Are Lying Hypocrites

The feminist SJWs (“social justice warriors”) who accused #GamerGate of harassment were engaged in harassment themselves:

A group allegedly dedicated to stopping online harassment and abuse used the same tactics it claimed to abhor to harass those it disagreed with politically.
Crash Override Network, founded by Zoe Quinn after she became well known for being publicly shamed online by an ex-boyfriend, targeted people with whom it disagreed with — most notably, people who supported the Gamergate movement. . . .
Quinn used her new celebrity status to found Crash Override Network, which was supposed to stop online bullying. But internal chat logs from members who would eventually create the group, leaked by a member of the group, reveal that it used tactics such as doxxing (by which a person’s private contact information is published online in order to intimidate them) to harass people in the Gamergate movement or those who members of CON had a personal grudge against.
For example, the group discussed trying to contact the superior officer of a Purple Heart recipient who had expressed support of Gamergate to try to silence him. The group also discussed contacting Google in an attempt to get Justine Tunney fired after she also voiced support for Gamergate. . . .

Read the whole thing. Feminists are lying hypocrites. In other shocking news, fire burns, water is wet and Lindy West is still fat.



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