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Haroon Ali-Syed Plotted Terror Attacks

Posted on | September 14, 2016 | 1 Comment

Religion of Peace™ Update:

A young Muslim man is accused of attempting to buy guns and a suicide vest for an Islamic State-inspired massacre at Buckingham Palace.
Haroon Ali-Syed, 19, was arrested by counter-terrorism officers amid fears he was on the brink of committing an atrocity.
The IT student is also suspected of trying to contact a bombmaker to build a nail bomb, and researching an Elton John concert in Hyde Park which took place on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
He is charged with planning to carry out an attack at a central London landmark, potentially Buckingham Palace or Oxford Street.
It is understood evidence against Ali-Syed was gathered in a joint operation between MI5 and Scotland Yard.
An undercover officer, posing as an extremist, infiltrated his circle and allegedly recorded exchanges of him preparing a terrorist attack.
Ali-Syed is accused of attempting to get hold of an improvised pressure cooker bomb built to instructions published online by Al Qaeda.
He allegedly made applications for loans worth £8,000 to finance his plans.
Yesterday, he appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with preparing an act of terrorism between April 12 and September 9.
Prosecutor Thomas Halpin said Ali-Syed tried to contact someone online ‘to make an incendiary explosive device,’ asking an intermediary: ‘How many people this one bomb can kill or injure?’
He added: ‘His internet searches show he is searching busy places in London. Oxford Street, upcoming events in London. He is looking at internet searches. Where are soldiers in the UK, London’s top ten most crowded boroughs, Buckingham Palace, Royal Marines Reserve, City of London.’

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