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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Dear @spacecrone …

Posted on | October 12, 2016 | Comments Off on Dear @spacecrone …


No, you were not “doxed” — I did not publish any private information — and no, I had no intention to “intimidate” you. As a matter of fact, I was very happy about the way you exploded Devin Faraci into a million tiny “male feminist” smithereens. What happened was simply that after you described yourself as a “Buddhist lesbian climate justice activist,” I became curious to learn more about you. My habitual curiosity has led me down many a rabbit hole over the years, including a trip to Kentucky to investigate what was claimed to be a lynching, but turned out to be a suicide. There are things called “facts,” Ms. Contillo, and I have an enormous appetite for them. So it was curiosity — “Who is this person?” — that led me to start click, click, clicking until I discovered that you had posted a poem you wrote in 4th grade that had your name on it.


Well, greetings from a fellow member of the Former Gifted Child Club. As you may be aware, membership provides exactly zero benefits, and usually is something more of a curse. “You’ve got so much potential, if only you would apply yourself” — heard it a million times growing up. The problem was, I loved learning, and therefore hated school.

Our nation’s public school system is a vast factory that specializes in turning captive children into Standardized Mediocre Adults at taxpayer expense. Ah, what an evil enterprise! But I digress . . .

How does an upper-middle-class girl from New Jersey, the daughter of a judge and the granddaughter of a state senator, end up in the East Village in 2004 at age 21, getting groped on a dance floor by a 30-year-old film critic? And how is it that a few years later, she’s part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, identifying as a “Buddhist witch” and dreaming of a future living in an “anarchist lesbian witch commune”? Pardon my curiosity, but as a father and grandfather, I very much want to understand this process, so that I can make sure it never happens to any of my kids.

Back in the day, people sought professional treatment for severe mental illness, and so Buddhist witches were almost as rare as film critics groping lesbians in the East Village. Evidently, social media sites have replaced psychiatric wards as the place where crazy people seek treatment. Now the kooks control our nation’s culture and politics. Some readers may be surprised to learn how many Buddhist witches are out there.

Buddhist Witch: A witch or Wiccan who also identifies as Buddhist. These witches believe all life is sacred, they practice compassion and nonviolence, and their ultimate goal on their spiritual path is to find Enlightenment. Most witches incorporate meditation into their witchcraft and many Wiccans also believe in reincarnation like Buddhists. Many witches and Wiccans also believe in the philosophy of karma. Buddhism really works hand in hand with the already highly spiritual and natural Craft.

Here’s a Buddhist witch. Here’s another Buddhist witch. Really, it seems that Tumblr is overcrowded with a surfeit of Buddhist witches.

Where were the grown-ups when you were growing up, Ms. Contillo? What were your parents doing while you were watching TV and developing your “giant crush on Kelly Bundy”? Really, this kind of story interests me, and I would hope it interests other Americans who wonder how it is that a generation of young people — a New Jersey judge’s daughter, for example — could go so badly off the rails.

It’s not just you or only your personal “mindfulness” philosophy that arouses my insatiable curiosity about the bizarre alternative universe in which you live. Back during the “Occupy” movement, while you were busy teaching mediation to the smelly anarchist protesters, I kept looking at those mobs of weirdos and wondering, “Where are the grown-ups? Why are these young people throwing tantrums like 2-year-olds?”

Do I have theories as to why this is happening? Yes, I do. Could I engage in speculation about why so many young people find it impossible to live in the real world? Yes, of course I could. What would be much more helpful, however, would be for you to give an account of your upbringing, to provide us a case study in the manufacture of mental illness.

The fact that there are people on the Internet indulging your fantasies does not make your fantasies real, Ms. Contillo. Mass delusion is a thing, and cult mentalities are also a thing, and there’s a lot of that going around these days, what with the $19 trillion national debt and all. In a nation where many young people believe they can live as they please and send the bill to Uncle Sam, or pursue Idealist Careers that do not involve any any productive labor, there are many millions of deluded dreamers with the leisure to chatter away on the Internet about “social justice.”


Ms. Contillo, “social justice” is a mirage, as Friedrich Hayek explained, but the Nobel Prize-winning economist wrote for the benefit of people living in the real world, where facts matter more than feelings.

What disturbs me is that so many people think they can live in an alternative reality, where Devin Faraci calls himself a “feminist,” and you call yourself a “witch,” and everyone pretends that our $19 trillion national debt should not limit what we can pay for “social justice.”

So, please, Ms. Contillo, tell us how you became such a ridiculous fool, so we can prevent our children from becoming “social justice warriors.”

Or Buddhist lesbian witches. Or Democrats, for that matter.



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