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The Clichés of Third-Wave Feminism

Posted on | October 25, 2016 | 2 Comments


Today I was working on a long piece about academic feminism while babysitting my youngest grandson, and during my grandson’s nap, I checked my file over at Medium — an innovative platform, by the way — and noticed a response to something I had written. Backstory: Woman tells her personal “rape culture” narrative, which involves getting illegally drunk as a 16-year-old at a “house party” and hooking up with a “troublemaker” boy who was “nice” to her — until they were behind closed doors. This cautionary tale led me to explain that “I find myself constantly warning my two teenage boys to behave themselves”:

It behooves young men in the 21st century to conduct themselves in such a way as to prevent even the slightest shadow of suspicion falling on them.
“Don’t be a Bad Boy,” parents must warn our sons, just as we must warn our daughters: “Stay away from those Bad Boys.”

Good advice, yes? Well, no, according to Jessa Cary Fiers, who denounced me as “pompous and deplorable . . . misogynistic to all women.”

This led me to wonder, “Who is Jessa Cary Fiers?”

You can click here to discover the answer, and I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but it involves a fabled Greek island, IYKWIMAITYD.



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