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Disease-Infected Queer Feminist @FYeahMFabello Is Smarter Than You

Posted on | November 3, 2016 | Comments Off on Disease-Infected Queer Feminist @FYeahMFabello Is Smarter Than You



You remember Melissa Fabello (@FYeahMFabello on Twitter), managing editor of the LGBTQIA site Everyday Feminism. She is the queer woman who hates white people, heterosexuality and men, not necessarily in that order. She is also notorious for being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted disease otherwise known as genital warts.


When she’s not busy spreading hate and sexually-transmitted diseases, Melissa Fabello likes to talk, talk, talk about sex, sex, sex.

So you see that queer feminist Melissa Fabello likes talking to girls — young girls, in sixth or seventh grade — about sex. Because she’s a “sexuality educator,” and obviously it’s important to have professionals do this crucial job of, uh, talking to young girls about sex.

“Right now, today, as of writing this, I identify as queer. But I didn’t always. And no, I’m not referring to that awkward, uncomfortable time in my life where I knew that something felt ‘off,’ but I couldn’t quite place it, and so I paraded around in the charade of ‘straight.’ I mean that a few years ago, I identified as homoflexible. And before that, a lesbian. And even before that, bisexual.”
Melissa Fabello

Melissa Fabello is an expert on lesbian sex — also bisexuality, “homoflexible” and “queer.” The one thing she’s absolutely against is “straight,” because that is a “charade.” It’s 2016 and nobody is heterosexual anymore, so we can just move along to Melissa Fabello’s next point, which is that you heterosexual dinosaurs — “breeders” — obviously don’t know anything about sexuality, and therefore you need professional queers like Melissa Fabello to explain it to your kids.

That’s right — you, Mom and Dad, are “uneducated people” who don’t know anything about sex, and therefore you need professional queer feminist sexuality educators like Melissa Fabello to talk to your daughter about her clitoris in sixth or seventh grade. Heterosexuals don’t know anything about sex, or the clitoris, or children, and it is therefore vitally important to have experts tell your kids about this stuff.

By the way, did you know Melissa Fabello hates children?

Melissa Fabello never wants to have children. She’ll just wait until your child is in sixth grade, and then talk to her about her clitoris. Because you’re “uneducated,” and you don’t know anything about that.

Despite your intellectual inferiority to Melissa Fabello, some of you heterosexuals still believe you have the right to disagree with her. However, you cannot disagree, because she is a “marginalized person”:

When you’re a human being of any combination of marginalized identities making your way through the world, a funny thing happens: People want to fight with you a lot. . . .
But these absurd arguments happen because there’s always at least one person who just can’t admit that they have no f–king idea what they’re talking about.
Now, I find it fascinating that it’s most frequently the people with the most privilege in any given situation who want to engage in “debate” with me and others. And that’s not because I expect more of, say, straight, white, cis men – because I most certainly do not.
To the contrary, I expect this desperate attempt at domination because that’s how oppression works on an individual level: People with the most power and privilege believe their mediocre opinions to be of actual intellectual consequence, and then attempt to force their misconceptions onto everyone else to the benefit of (who else?) their damn selves.
What makes me so intrigued by it is, simply, that I have never known another group of people to be so unskilled, overall, at legitimate debating. . . .
Further, if any given topic of conversation is something that I experience day in and day out as a marginalized person, how does that make you the expert, exactly?
It doesn’t. . .

(Hat-tip: David Thompson.) In other words, Melissa Fabello is an expert on everything, because she is “a marginalized person,” whereas you have a “mediocre opinion” of no “actual intellectual consequence,” because you are heterosexual and therefore “unskilled . . . at legitimate debating.”

Also, you don’t know anything about the clitoris or sexuality, and Melissa Fabello really wants to talk to your daughter about that stuff.


She’s a real class act, isn’t she?



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