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‘F–k Your Fascist Beauty Standards’

Posted on | November 23, 2016 | 1 Comment

Part of what is wrong with feminism is that feminists are never required to account for their blatant selfishness and dishonesty:

What I have described as “aesthetic egalitarianism” — the feminist claim that distinctions of beauty are irrelevant or oppressive — is never applied to men. Tall, handsome, muscular men obviously enjoy advantages over short, ugly, fat men, especially in terms of their romantic opportunities, but this reality is unacknowledged in feminist discourse. One does not find young feminists choosing Danny DeVito lookalikes over Gerard Butler lookalikes. . . .
When feminists denounce “double standards” as sexist, they do not mean to expose their own preferences to criticism. Every guy knows that women always prefer a rich guy to a poor guy, for example, and there is nothing the short bald guy can do that will ever make him equal, in women’s eyes, to the tall guy with a full head of hair. This is simply the way life is, and no intelligent man spends much time worrying about it. Life is unfair. Get over it.
In 1996, a 23-year-old woman living in Portland, Oregon, decided to create a T-shirt with the slogan “F–k Your Fascist Beauty Standards.” Jill Portugal’s company, “One Angry Girl,” has sold many thousands of feminist T-shirts in the past 20 years, without explaining what the phrase “beauty standards” is supposed to mean, or why such standards are “fascist.” Instead, this kind of sloganeering functions as an anti-male insult, a way for the feminist to denounce heterosexual men for preferring beautiful women to ugly women. . . .

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