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Who Democrats Really Are: @joshtpm Displays His, Uh, Feminist Theory

Posted on | January 2, 2017 | 1 Comment

Friday night, while endeavoring to make another attack on Donald Trump, the editor of the left-wing blog Talking Points Memo made a minor mistake. Josh Marshall (@joshtpm on Twitter) evidently cut and pasted the wrong URL into a tweet, so that his message included a link to a lesbian porn scene involving “Angela & Strawberry.”


Absent any feasible explanation from Marshall, everyone immediately reached the obvious conclusion: While running his anti-Trump rants on his Twitter feed, this eminent progressive pundit was also simultaneously scrolling through the PornHub site on another PC window.

Talking Points Memo Chief
Tweets Out Hardcore Porn by Accident
While Trying to Attack Trump

The Ralph Retort

TPM’s Josh Marshall Reduced
To Tweeting Porno Link
Of ‘Teasing, Licking’ ‘Angela & Strawberry’

The Daily Caller

Talking Points Memo Editor Josh Marshall
Tweets Out Link to Lesbian Porn

Ace of Spades HQ

Of course, no one cares how Josh Marshall gets his jollies, except for the fact that he and the rest of the Democrat Party propaganda apparatus have spent the past two years promoting feminism as the core argument of a campaign to rid the world of patriarchal misogyny. And the evils of “objectification” of women by the “male gaze” was one of the core themes of Anita Sarkeesian’s attack on the videogame industry, which gave rise to the “Gamergate” controversy. If “the personal is political,” as feminists insist, then Josh Marshall’s porn addiction is politically problematic.


As Anita Sarkeesian has made clear, feminists are against any “personal choice” for women that is oriented toward male sexual pleasure, especially if this involves appealing to the “male gaze,” because feminist theory condemns male sexual interest in women as “objectification.” Yet because feminists are part of the Democrat Party coalition, “male allies” of the feminist movement are expected to ignore (or make excuses for) feminism’s anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology.


Democrats use feminist rhetoric as a partisan weapon in a propaganda war to depict Republicans as “anti-woman,” and so the abusive behavior of male Democrats (e.g., Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton) is never interpreted by feminists as evidence of a pervasive problem with their “male allies.” To admit the obvious truth — that Democrat men in general are predatory perverts who exploit “feminism” as a means to their own selfish ends — would require feminists to consider the possibility that Republicans are not actually the villainous sexist bogeymen that they’re portrayed to be by the liberal media. For feminists to tell the truth about their “male allies” would be to admit that feminism is just a scam, the same kind of phony hustle that enables Democrats like Bill Clinton to get rich by pretending to care about poor people.

Don’t expect any feminist — Amanda Marcotte, Jessica Valenti, Jill Filipovic, et al. — to criticize Josh Marshall for tweeting out lesbian porn. Feminists have no integrity, because if there is one thing the Democrat Party can never tolerate in its ranks, it’s people with integrity.



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