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Crazy Woman Who Caused #GamerGate Announces She’s No Longer Female

Posted on | January 14, 2017 | 1 Comment


Everybody with two eyes and a brain could see Zoe Quinn was crazy. Why did Eron Gjoni want to date that tattoo-covered, facial-pierced, mentally ill ex-stripper whose real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg? I don’t know, but he did, and the consequences were world-historic.

However, the fathomless depths of Zoe Quinn’s craziness had never been fully revealed until Thursday when, apparently tired of people talking about that Trump guy, she said, “Let’s talk about me! Me! Me! Me!”


Exactly what did she “come out” as? As might be expected from a mentally disturbed attention whore, her Tumblr post is confusing:

My entire life I’ve not been a girl or a woman.
Growing up, I’d have hissyfits over being talked to or referred to as a girl. People have had to remind me that they see me as a girl or a woman my entire life, because it doesn’t exist in my head. . . .
I knew I loved women early in life. It wasn’t any major revelation, because to me, gender seemed to be such an arbitrary line to draw between what you were and weren’t attracted to. It was a non-issue, because I legitimately didn’t think in those terms. But there was an easy model for this, a name I knew, I was Bisexual and that was fine. . . .
I had dated trans people and while we could bond over some of the ways that our bodies felt like aliens to us, it felt like they knew how they would change themselves but I didn’t know where to start, and I didn’t want to add more gender-based exhaustion and work onto my partners so I just… never said anything about that part of myself. . . .
Looking at my gender presentation, my fashion, and my body as something to be worked on or decorated, to try to re-write it to say something, took a lot of the sting out of my hatred of it. In customizing it, it felt like something that was “mine” a bit more than the alien meat suit I had been trapped in. It was the power I felt the first time I dyed my hair an unnatural color when I was 13, but with more understanding. Departing from the “natural” body I’d been given and eschewing it for something that I had *created* let me start to see myself a bit more there, even if it was through a tattoo symbolizing something that mattered to me, or an outfit that I would design for a character who was feeling the way I was feeling that day, or makeup that had the color scheme of a poisonous animal whose intimidation I wanted to borrow that afternoon. So much of creativity and expression is rooted in empathy, and this outside-looking-in approach allowed me to empathize with myself. . . .

(Are run-on sentences a symptom of gender dysphoria?)

I bought my first binder two years ago, after asking a couple closest trans friends, awkwardly, where someone might buy something like that. I took a huge step and posted a picture of me in boymode for the first time ever. My dad even liked it on instagram, successfully making me break down and cry in public. . . .

(Of course — daddy issues. By the way, a “binder” is a sort of chest wrapping that women use to flatten their breasts and pretend to be male.)

I think I have the self-awareness now to realize that it’s only because of the repression and living in fear that gives others that kind of power over me. I hate living with this big secret, I hate not knowing who I have in my life now that wouldn’t be around if they knew it. I hate feeling alone, and not knowing how to figure myself out more and find other people like me. . . .
I don’t know what I am yet, but I know what I’m not.
I’m not straight. I’m not cis, and I don’t think I can keep pretending to be cis just to get by. I’m not a man. I’m not a woman.

Fortunately, there’s a word for Zoe’s condition: CRAZY.

Ethan Ralph: “Alex Lifschitz could not be reached for comment.” That’s a GamerGate inside joke about a dweeb who once dated Zoe. What kind of guy would get involved with a crazy not-a-woman like Zoe Quinn?

Also, why was it necessary for her to “come out” this way? She says she was “tired of hiding,” but what was she hiding? That she’s crazy? That was certainly not a secret to anyone who’s paid attention. She makes this announcement about “gender dysphoria” as if no one ever could have suspected that a purple-haired woman with a lip ring and tattoos might have some psychiatric issues in terms of her identity and sexuality.

Zoe Quinn is a smörgåsbord of weirdness, a buffet of irrationality, and her bizarre “dysphoria” — her alienation from her own body — is merely another symptom of her profound mental illness.



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