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Feminism Is a Hate Movement

Posted on | January 29, 2017 | 5 Comments


Two books that I have often recommended for understanding feminism are Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism by Carolyn Graglia, and Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism by Daphne Patai. If you have not read these books, order them from Amazon immediately because the authors get to the real core of what feminism is about, i.e., hatred. Feminists do not merely hate men. Feminists also hate marriage, motherhood, Christianity and capitalism, not necessarily in that order. Feminism is hostile to everything good and decent in the world, and the goals of the feminism movement are entirely destructive.

All who claim that feminism is about “equality” are either fools or liars. Feminists themselves have made clear that there is no limit to their demands. Give feminists everything they demand today, and tomorrow they will return with a new list of demands. Feminists are totalitarians with a remorseless appetite for power. Feminists are cruel and dishonest, and will tell any lie necessary to achieve their wicked purposes.


The Women’s March on Washington was a vivid expression of how Democrats have harnessed this hate movement for partisan purposes:

Donna Hylton, a woman who spent time in prison for participating in the kidnapping, rape, murder, and ransoming of a gay man, spoke at the Women’s March as an advocate for women of color.

That a criminal psychopath was a leader of this feminist rally — and no one in the liberal media even mentioned her record of hateful violence — tells you a lot about the feminist movement and its ideology. Donna Hylton is not an isolated example, but is altogether typical of the kind of mentally deranged sadists that this movement attracts.

Shouting obscenities, celebrating abortion, and spewing vitriolic hatred toward men, the feminists of the Women’s March were accurately described by Catholic journalist Michael Voris as satanic:

The rage displayed by these emotionally and psychologically devastated women is completely unbalanced, mentally off. It needs to be called out for what it is.
That a person like Madonna, whose own children have expressed dismay at her exploitation of sex during her career, would be one of the lead representatives of this event says everything you need to know. How many marchers in that crowd have the blood of their own children on their hands? Guilt is what inspired them to march, not fear of Trump. . . .
The sounds you heard in the streets of D.C. on Saturday are echoes of the sounds the damned will hear in Hell — hate, rage, anger, guilt, shame. This was not a women’s march; it was a march for lesbianism and mothers who murdered their children and needed a way to vent their shame and guilt. That there were so many only speaks to the depth that the diabolical has reached into life on this earth. The women who marched hate God and cannot tolerate their consciences.

Feminism is inspired by a hatred that is quite literally murderous.



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