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Demonic Feminist Rants at Movement’s Male Allies: ‘Know Your Place!’

Posted on | May 12, 2017 | 3 Comments


The First Rule of Feminism is SHUT UP!

“I want to address all the men in this audience. . . .
I want to talk to all the men today, who made
placards and banners of pro-choice. . . .
I am saying to all those men:
Know your place! This is a women’s movement!”

Men have no right to speak about feminism. Men have no right to speak to a feminist. Men have no rights at all, according to feminists.

Last week, Heat Street writer Ian Miles Cheong tweeted this video of a demon-possessed woman ranting at a pro-abortion rally:


Do not assume that my description of this woman as “demon-possessed” is a joke. Maybe you’re an atheist, and do not believe demons exist. Believe what you want to believe, but I know evil when I see it.

This is the spirit of Satan. This is the face of totalitarian hatred. This is Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mengistu and every other murderous dictator who ever claimed the right to kill in the name of “the people.”


This is the face of feminism, a satanic Death Cult.

When I saw this video, I immediately wondered who this woman was, where and when she was speaking. Her name is Amanda, and this speech was at an August 2014 rally in Dublin, Ireland. The inspiration for this rally was a case in which an 18-year-old immigrant was denied an abortion. The girl said she had been raped in her home country — “In my culture it is a great shame to be pregnant if not married” — and after arriving in Ireland, learned she was eight weeks pregnant. An Irish law passed in 2013 permits abortion under certain conditions, one of which is the risk of suicide, and when he pregnancy advanced, the girl became suicidal. She told reporters she was examined by several psychiatrists, but eventually was forced to deliver her baby by caesarean section at 25 weeks gestation, about three months premature.

“Hard cases make bad law,” and no matter what the law is — not just on abortion, but on anything — there will always be exceptional cases where some atrocity makes law enforcement seem inhumane. Anyone who has studied the history of Communism know very well how adept Marxist radicals were at exploiting atrocities for propaganda purposes, and what we have witnessed in the West in the post-Cold War era is a continuation of this Communist tactic by so-called “progressives,” including feminists.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and in the demoniac rage of Amanda’s rant at this pro-abortion rally, we behold an omen of the murderous evil that lurks behind the rhetoric of “women’s rights.” Feminism is a movement organized by mentally deranged women with sadistic tendencies. Feminists take pride in their cruelty, motivated by revenge fantasies, a hateful desire to humiliate men.


“Know your place!”

Amanda shouts this at men who are there to support the pro-abortion movement in Ireland. With the same kind of totalitarian logic that inspired the blood-soaked nightmares of 20th-century Communism, she insists that members of the oppressed class (women) possess an exclusive right to speak, whereas the oppressors (men) have no rights at all.

Identity politics must ultimately produce totalitarianism. The claim that oppression confers a special status upon members of the oppressed group, who are entitled to seek “social justice” by any means necessary has a blood-soaked pedigree as old as the French Revolution. Having once obtained power, the radicals do not mean to relinquish it, and so they must persecute their enemies (real or imagined), to make examples of them, in order to intimidate any rival who might depose them. Dissenters are denounced as “enemies of the people” — vrag naroda — and woe unto anyone who speaks in defense of the accused.


“Know your place! This is a women’s movement!”

Amanda said a lot of interesting things during her tirade. She was speaking on behalf of the Antiracist Network, and wow, does she hate Ireland. Referencing the case of a woman who died after a miscarriage in 2012, she said, “I’m really f–king sorry that you had to face the sh– that you did in this f–king country.” She also apologized to people “who have to die in our own house because the hospitals in this racist country give her disgusting disservice. I am sorry to the women who are still having to go through this sh– in this country because of a cowardly government.”

OK, so if Ireland is such a racist country with a cowardly government, why is Amanda even there? Couldn’t she go back to whatever country she came from? Judging from her comments, Amanda’s homeland must be a much better place to live than Ireland. But no, she’s there, and she’s angry:

“Any woman who is trying to speak about their experience — you know nothing of it, and you must support them! You must listen to them! You must never tell them of any Women’s Studies or international development course that you decided of your own free choice to participate in, because your debate is not my life! . . . Know your place! Because in the patriarchal world, you are guaranteed to always have a platform, so give the world’s sole platform women have to themselves!”

Well, ma’am, you can have your platform to yourself. And my guess is that you persuaded a lot of Irish men to stay as far away as possible from any platform where you’re speaking. Probably some of the men at that Dublin rally went home, had a couple of pints and said to themselves, “Hey, maybe the Pope was right about this abortion thing.”

Once you’ve seen Satan in the flesh, you know you need Jesus.



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