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Yes, America, Erynn Brook Hates You

Posted on | May 2, 2018 | 2 Comments


Erynn Brook is a Canadian feminist who recently graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto. In February 2017, after the Women’s March, she published a rant about “nice white ladies”:

Hillary embodies the lie white women have been fed for years. She was well-dressed, she was smart, she was prepared, she worked hard, she was well-spoken, she was polite, she never lost her temper, she was a good mom, a good grandmother, a good wife — she was a good woman. A Nice White Lady. . . .
She did all the things right, so she had to become president. White women have been told over and over and over again that if they just work hard, lean in, and don’t look too mean, they can do anything.
And then… well… We know what happened.
But what happened to white women was a shattered identity. All the work they’d done, all the lies they’d been fed. It’s one thing to learn that you’ve been complicit in the oppression of others through your whiteness, it’s another thing to learn that you’ve been betrayed; that you’ve been actively oppressing yourself and your friends every day for a lie. . . .
Whiteness is not real, it is an idea that is killing us. Whiteness is what causes white supremacy and Nazi ideology. Whiteness is what makes us afraid to take the bus late at night. Whiteness is what puts people like Donald Trump in the White House. . . .
All this time they’ve been telling us the lie that was keeping us in place. . . . We never stood a chance against the imperialist, capitalist, ableist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, white-supremacist machine that sucked us in and brainwashed us . . .

Why does this recent Canadian university graduate — an erstwhile actress and alumna of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts who sings in a bar band in which her husband is the guitarist — present herself as an expert on racial politics in the United States? Mainly because the Internet creates the illusion that anyone can be an expert on anything.

If every fact is just one Google search away, then the only qualifications necessary to expertise are (a) an ability to write prose, and (b) “progressive” opinions. This pseudo-expertise phenomenon explains, for example, why Jaclyn Friedman is qualified to offer advice on what “grownups” should tell young women about sex. Only if you want your daughter to grow up to be an embittered obese cat lady would you encourage her to emulate Ms. Friedman’s example, but no one is allowed to point this out, because criticizing her would be misogyny. By similar operations, the phenomenon of pseudo-expertise qualifies “male feminist” Charles Clymer to declare that he is now “Charlotte” Clymer, and to rebut critics by accusing them of transphobia. As long as you’re a progressive with an opinion, you can be an Internet expert on anything, and silence criticism by labeling it “hate speech.” But I digress . . .

Erynn Brook’s expertise on how whiteness — “an idea that is killing us” — elected Donald Trump led her to create the blog Nice White Ladies, but more recently the ambitious Canadian (B.F.A., New Media) has more recently begun offering her services as an expert on “toxic masculinity”:

Toxic masculinity is a lot of things, things that affect you on an individual level because they are prescribed to you by society. . . .
Toxic masculinity is all the things built around not wanting to lose and not wanting other people to win. . . .
A lot of toxic masculinity is built on gaining women. . . .
What can you do to change toxic masculinity? Because it’s hurting you too. . . .

See? She wants to help you. If you believe that, let me tell you about this sweet deal my friend the former Nigerian oil minister can get you.

Ms. Brook’s assertion that “society” is harming men through “toxic masculinity” is a con, a three-card-monte hustle by which the feminist hopes to convince men that “not wanting to lose” is a bad thing, and that men can actually benefit from losing. Men should be happy to lose, because men losing helps “equality” and that’s good, see?

The object of this con, of course, is about politics. In her simple mind, Ms. Brook believes that “toxic masculinity” explains why, according to exit polls, only 41% of men voted for Hillary Clinton. In the same way, Ms. Brook apparently believes that “the imperialist, capitalist, ableist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, white-supremacist machine . . . brainwashed” a majority of white women into voting for Trump. You see that Ms. Brook thinks of herself as an independent thinker, whereas the rest of us are dimwits who don’t understand our own best interests.

Americans are too stupid to think for ourselves, which is why we need a Canadian lounge singer to tell us what to think — about “whiteness,” about “toxic masculinity,” about politics, about everything, basically.

Monday, Ms. Brook spent 12 hours and 37 minutes (from 10:09 a.m. until 10:46 p.m.) doing a 110-point Twitter rant about “toxic masculinity.” Permit me to share just a few of her assertions on this topic:


Is any of this true, valid or relevant? It doesn’t matter. The point is that, prior to Donald Trump’s election, Ms. Brook had no more status as a feminist commentator than any other singer in a Toronto bar band. Her expertise is a quite recent invention, jumping aboard the feminist bandwagon now that she’s finished off her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ryerson University, and also after Hillary lost. Having evidently concluded that no American is smart enough to figure out why Hillary lost, the clever Canadian with 1,736 Twitter followers decided to share her enlightenment with us feeble-minded Americans.


The population of Canada is about 35 million. By comparison, the two largest states (Texas and Florida) carried by Donald Trump in the 2016 election have a combined population of more than 49 million. Where would you rather live? Toronto or Texas? Ontario or Orlando? No American kid ever grew up with dreams of moving to Canada and making it big. Canada is a mediocre country populated by mediocre people.

Did I mention that Canada is 89% white? Any place in the United States that’s as white as Canada is considered “segregated.” It’s mighty damned easy for a Canadian to lecture us about “whiteness,” eh? And as for “toxic masculinity,” it was a Canadian man who ran over people on a crowded sidewalk because he couldn’t get laid, which is pretty sad. I mean, a guy who can’t even get laid by Canadian women? What a loser. Despite its general second-rate status, Canada is a world leader in prostitution. There are hundreds of “erotic massage” brothels in Montreal, for example, and Toronto and Vancouver are both notorious for street walkers. What, this autistic maniac couldn’t scrounge up $50?

Erynn Brook hates “whiteness” and masculinity because she hates Trump, and she hates Trump because Canadians hate America.



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